Archer: Season 1
Archer: Season 1
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Product Description
Episodes on disc one:
  • Mole Hunt
  • Training Day
  • Diversity Hire
  • Killing Utne
  • Honeypot
Episodes on disc two:
  • Skorpio
  • Skytanic
  • The Rock
  • Dial M for Mother
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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #2655 in DVD
  • Color: color
  • Model: 15496105
  • Published on: 2014-06-17
  • Released on: 2010-12-28
  • Rating: NR (Not Rated)
  • Number of discs: 2
  • Formats: Multiple Formats, Dolby, Color, Animated, NTSC
  • Original language: English
  • Subtitled in: English, French, Spanish
  • Number of discs: 2
  • Dimensions: .50" h x 5.25" w x 7.50" l, .25 pounds
  • Running time: 308 minutes
  • Product Features
  • Factory sealed DVD
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    By Theo
    You know, I don't normally put my review titles in all caps. But what can I say? This show is... well, BRILLIANT! I've always thought that there are far, far too many five star reviews here on amazon. But if there ever was a show that genuinely deserved a rave, this is it.

    Archer is a wonderfully absurdist frolic for strictly adult audiences. Fundamentally this show is a giant spoof of 1960s spy thrillers; a spoof made for decidedly 21st century sensibilities. It's the show Get Smart would have been had all the characters been perpetually high on crystal meth.

    In fact, the characters on Archer are all selfish, petty, and utterly and completely venal: the three great ingredients from which comedy is made. They seem to think and act more like deranged adolescents than grown-ups. Deranged adolescents with access to firearms. Add all this together and you get some idea of the flavor of the show. Archer is very much in the spirit of the original Williams Street adult swim cartoons, but is never merely derivative of them. Which of course is exactly what you'd expect, given that this show is produced by Adam Reed, whose previous producing and directing credits include both Sealab 2021 and Frisky Dingo. Indeed, Reed's voice credits go all the way back to the original Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

    But while a similar sense of humor can be found throughout, Archer definitely has a flair all of its own. Visually it has kind of a pseudo-realist "ligne claire" (clear line) style that matches perfectly with the creatively anachronistic world the characters inhabit. Cell phones and other contemporary technologies may abound, but jet-age fashions still prevail, and the KGB and the Soviet Union remain major adversaries.

    But the first thing long time hard core animation fans will notice is that voice of H. Jon Benjamin brings its own uniquely laconic comic genius to the title role of "Archer" himself. Many of us remember Benjamin best as Coach from Home Movies. Others may recognize his voice from various bit parts in Family Guy and the Venture Bros.. But wherever you know him from, I for one am overjoyed that a suitable vehicle has finally been found for this great talent.

    Better yet, Benjamin is complemented by scarcely lesser talents such as Aisha Tyler, a standup comedian who plays Lana Kane, another top operative at the same spy agency; and Jessica Walter, who plays the head of the agency - who also just happens to be Archer's mother. However, I should stress that this rather unusual combination of relationships is never reduced to mere sit-com hijinx. Archer is the kind of show were things get genuinely disturbing. In fact, this is one of those rare shows where the entire cast is incredibly strong - and backed up by an equally strong writing team, too.

    What more can I say? See it!


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    5hilarious show.1 of the very best animated
    By Andrew Lynch
    This show is just the best.took me awhile to get onboard and watch the show,but its hilarious.seriously a show unlike any other.animated James Bond-esque Sterling Archer,son of ISIS Headquarters boss & he is a special agent himself.cunning,witty & bada$$
    This show blends satire,unlike South park,but still somewhat satyrical.South Park is great.but this is espionage with an all star cast of voices and hilarious stories and plotline builds to an underlying anyone who's a casual fan of the show should get this baby here & start from the beginning.I've gotta get the other seasons cuz I could watch this all day long.
    Adult humor.

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    5James Bond is a girly man!
    By Michael
    You have Archer; daring, handsome, sophisticated, and he gets shot in the foot a lot. You have Lana kane; tough, sexy, gorgeous, highly lethal, and she has "man hands". You have Malory Archer (Archers mother) cold, calculating, ruthless, and she's the biggest horn-dog I've ever seen --she makes ME blush!! You have Cyril; the brainy man with a huge inferiority complex that desperately wants to be an agent like Archer but is stuck in also have a secretary that is an absolute freak of a nymphomaniac. A three hundred pound dairy maid that's the office gossip (who is also a horn-dog) . Oh and don't forget the gay intelligence man...or the Head Of Science and who is ..??..IDK ...either on powerful drugs, waaaay to self medicated, mentally unstable...possibly all of the above. In fact I'm pretty sure it's the later. The craziness and action is non-stop!
    Okay, this show is straight up crrrazy!! DEFINITELY NOT FOR CHILDREN. And one of the funniest shows I've ever watched. I can't figure out who I like best; the clueless, spoiled mommas boy Archer that is just too cool (and lucky) in spite of himself. Or Lana, whom, even though she's a made up animation character, I AM IN LOVE!! This show is hilarious. It's kind of a mixture of "Get Smart" with a tiny bit of the immortal "James Bond" add a dash of the "Black and White Spys" from Mad Magazine....shake it up (not stirred) set it on top of some mad scientist's doomsday device with a big fat red button that says "DO NOT PRESS" in HUGE red letters and....well, there you have know your going to push it, right? Archer would!

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