Journey Into Dyslexia Directed by Susan Raymond
Journey Into Dyslexia
 Directed by Susan Raymond
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  • Released on: 2015-05-20
  • Subtitled in: English
  • Running time: 76 minutes
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    5A Compelling Must-See for Many Reasons
    By Kim K. Gilbert
    The Amazon editorial review is correct in stating this film doesn't utilize slick documentary film styles or experimental narrative. Nonetheless, it is quite compelling and moving. I believe it should be required viewing for every teacher and administrator in education.

    Additionally, family and friends of dyslexics, as well as dyslexics themselves, will benefit from watching this film, even if they have previously "read all the books" on the subject and are familiar with the facts and statistics. This film is more of an homage than a primer. It manages to convey the often heart wrenching emotional cost of growing up with dyslexia, while simultaneously striking a very hopeful and positive tone, celebrating the gift that is the dyslexic brain.

    As the parent of a dyslexic child, I try to educate myself as best I can on the subject. "Journey into Dyslexia" is uplifting and supportive in a way that is beyond many other sources of information I have sought previously. It is inspirational. I came home from the screening and jumped right on Amazon to order it so my child can view it as well. It will be a welcome addition to our library, and I think it will be a film to watch more than once--whenever she needs to remind herself that she is wonderfully, amazingly different.

    Kudos to the film makers and the brave people who were willing to be interviewed, laying open their hearts and their heartaches for us all to see. Thank you for your generosity of spirit!

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    5A fantastic movie!
    By Chickadee
    W-O-W. This film is for anyone who has a learning "disability" or what I like to call "difference," and a must watch for anyone who has Dyslexia, knows someone who does, or is an educator of any age group. This movie spends the first twenty minutes with a lot of commentary from juveniles with dyslexia who share their feelings and thoughts. The first twenty were difficult for me to watch because it had so much struggle, but about 30 minutes into the movie, we began hearing from now grown adults with dyslexia who have found a way to succeed despite being labeled and rejected by the traditional standards society has set for humans. There is also commentary from experts giving a different perspective on why dyslexia is not a disorder or disease, but a gift.

    I found it easy to relate to this movie, as an educator and as a person with dyslexia who has a Genius IQ. I read and write everyday, over 100 pages of reading each day, and over twenty pages of long hand writing. I still make mistakes, and I though I can have difficulty spelling or sounded out words I have never read before, I have a unique style and approach to all material. I was told by my superiors as a child that I was not very smart, or I was lazy, or simply that I was the worst problem child they had ever dealt with. You want to know why they said this? I made specific questions regarding the way they taught me things, because my mind would take a long time to figure out 100 solutions to a problem most people only see 1 solution to, and mostly because no matter what I just was not what made life easier for them- there was struggle and friction between two ways of thinking. I am grateful I have a mom with dyslexia who did not expect me to learn like they taught or made me feel bad about being put down by teachers, she actually refused to allow them to label me. I had tested high on every intelligence test from grade school, but when it came to actual classroom learning I was confused. She forced them to keep me there, and though I never knew why everyone else seem to get writing and reading easily- I moved ahead and memorized everything I could. This made me work harder in school, and gave me the gift of learning how to prepare better than anyone else by trying to predict any question the teacher or people may ask and know the answer without showing my difficulty with language or ordering the answers the way that made sense to the majority of people. I am so glad that in real life we are not graded on written language as much as we try to force our children to believe. There are different paths people can take towards success, and the terrible misunderstanding the majority of the population has on on different ways of thinking needs to improve into a more realistic truth:

    Dyslexia is a different wiring of the brain that can provide benefits to all of mankind, and if we learn to appreciate these differences we will definitely have more Albert Einsteins emerge.

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    5The best inspiration + hope for any child or adult with dyslexia
    By Maker Mac
    As a successful adult who has fought my entire life to overcome learning disabilities (3 generations that my family knows of, including my clinical psychologist mother) and someone who has read, heard, and been down every road there is concerning it, I found this documentary to be the absolute best and most inspirational item on dyslexia that I have seen in YEARS! It is perfect for pre-adolescent (and perhaps younger) children who are already able to notice and comprehend their difficulties, differences, struggles and - most importantly - the stigma attached to learning disabilities.

    The best part about (from a "sufferer" point fo view) is that it doesn't focus on the "clinical" aspects of dyslyxia or LD - the learning plans/IEPs, how "wonderful" and accomodating schools are nowadays under the Americans with Disabilities Act, etc. It profiles - in first person interviews - children currently fighting the battle, as well as successful adults at all levels - from businessmen, Nobel Prize winners + Erin Brockovich herself, to those who have built amazing businesses and livelihoods but who "...have read only 2 books in their entire life."

    It's a no-fluff but inspirational look at not only surviving but SUCCEEDING with dyslexia, first-hand from those who have fought the battle. As a moderately successful adult who has (and still does) suffer from learning disabilities, I still cry when I watch this, as A) it brings back strong memories of the fight, and B) it reminds me I am not alone...

    The only "downside" for me is that it constantly links the term "dyslexia" only to learning disabilities involving words. This sort of irks me as someone who reads and writes above level but has a math-based learning disability. Nonetheless, everything you see here still applies, and I recoomend it for anyone - child, adult, parent, friend, clasmate - who wants to truly understand what we GO through - not just to understand the "medical" parts of it.

    Recommended with all my heart !!!

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