Grenada Jungle
Grenada Jungle
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  • Released on: 2014-01-08
  • Subtitled in: English
  • Running time: 43 minutes
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    5THE BEST survival show ever made
    By Truth Reviews
    THE BEST survival show ever made. Les Stroud, AKA Survivor Man is the real deal. The only survivalist, bushmaster, bush crafter, outdoor guy what ever you wanna call it, that ever did it FOR REAL. Unlike all the rest of them fakes, Survivor Man doesn't use a camera crew, takes minimum gear and just sets out to explore the unknown. Along the way he teaches you valuable, practical, real world lessons on how to survive in a multitude of different environments and situations. Best show every made on this subject. Watch it and learn. Stay Alive.

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    5It makes me think an ordinary person has a chance
    By Grand Annie
    I gave the show the highest rating because it is a no nonsense approach to the way of presenting his advice and information. He does it all by himself.. alone. And its like he takes each viewer with him and helps us to think and learn how to possibly save our lives. It is wonderful to watch him try different solutions to the problems of each situation. He struggles sometimes and goes hungry or thirsty and suffers the elements. Real emotions, real pain, real loneliness and anxiety.

    but... he also triumphs and shows by example that some things work and that we should not give in to despair. I think the thing that makes his survival show the best is that it really just is him left out there with minimal gear and his cameras and then theres the sound of his lone voice that gives us confidence as we watch and cheer him on. i think to myself .. hey these really are things that an ordinary person like me can do.. and survive.
    If you want exciting stunts and show... go watch a movie or one of the many big production shows about survival.. but if you want to watch a real no nonsense program about surviving ... then watch Survivorman.

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    5Awesome addition to the show for those of us that already love it. If you don't love it, give it a chance.
    By Joel Moreau
    First of all, I am writing a completely opinionated and biased review Lol. Hopefully it is still helpful to someone. To appreciate Survivorman you need to watch with an open mind. This show is more educational and factual in its content than it is exciting, which depending on preference can make it even more entertaining. It's sort of an acquired taste I guess. Some people will find it boring at first, but if you are willing to give it a chance it will be rewarding.

    To make an analogy, comparing Survivorman to other 'survival' TV shows is like comparing and indie band to mainstream pop music. Pop exists for the purpose of immediate enjoyment and instant gratification. Whereas more underground stuff takes longer to digest and fully appreciate. The same is true when it comes to Les Stroud's approach to filming survivorman. It's not as immediately pleasing on the surface as other survival shows that are driven by entertainment alone. But when you give it a chance it's deeper substance is a far more rewarding experience.

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