A Song for Jason Part 1 Directed by Michael Landon, Victor French, Dan Gordon, William Claxton
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  • Subtitled in: English
  • Running time: 45 minutes
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    5There is Good in the World
    By N. Hawkes
    What a career the wonderful Michael Landon had.

    Warmly remembered as Little Joe, he went on to "Little House", some very good TV movies, and then this consummate series.

    I remember our daughter of round 10 crying each Saturday evening when these were on. I must confess that I rarely saw them through at the time so can't comment on those reviewers who vow that the episodes here miss one or two minutes.

    We are watching them now and find them absolutely marvellous, tear-inducing but ultimately very uplifting. The sound seems a little low-cut; we have to have the volume up more than, say, for series like the "Invaders" and the "Fugitive".

    It's been said so many times before: why oh why can't they make these quality shows now? At least we can ignore the tide of trashy filth by watching these DVDs instead but we should all worry for the future.

    We bless you Michael from here in the UK, your legacy is guaranteed.

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    5There's no bad language in it
    By mrsswan
    I have never seen or even heard of this show. Thank you Amazon Prime! I've only started the second episode, but I am hooked on it. There's no bad language in it. Rather that say "sex" in the first episode, the most adult word I heard was "make out." It's a breath of fresh air. I love that I can let my kids watch it too, if I want. I can't wait to watch ALL of the seasons and episodes.

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    4Refreshingly Positive
    By Bob G.
    It is pleasant to see a series of telebitchin programs oriented towards creating and celebrating *positive* human relationships. That is particularly true with the bulk of telebitchin series emphasizing fraud and theft, poisoning and violence, such as "Melrose Place" or "Dynasty" or the pompous frippery of such as "Frasier" or blatant insipidity such as "That Girl" and all the "comedy" based nonsenses. Largely written, directed, and primary lead played by Michael Landon the series represents the culmination of a successful Wholly Weird career.

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