The Lucy-Desi Milton Berle Special Directed by Unavailable
The Lucy-Desi Milton Berle Special
 Directed by Unavailable
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  • Released on: 2014-05-09
  • Rating: NR (Not Rated)
  • Subtitled in: English
  • Running time: 51 minutes
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    By Tante Maren
    It's always a special treat to find a long lost rarity featuring Lucille Ball finally put on dvd! Finding this The Lucy-Desi Milton Berle Special from 1959 on dvd is an especially rare treat! Don't be confused thinking this is a Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, because it isn't. This is an NBC Television Special from 1959 simply titled The Lucy-Desi Milton Berle Special.

    I am a huge Lucy lover and have never seen this NBC special on dvd ever- this is a first! This rare 1959 special is actually one of the last times Lucy and Desi worked together and it is delightful to see. The storyline features Milton Berle and his bandleader Ricky Ricardo playing at El Rancho in Las Vegas. Milton finds himself in a pickle when he forgets his wedding anniversary when his wife Ruth tells him he has to fly home for their party she's having. Lucy, who as always, has been pestering poor Milton in Las Vegas, tries to make things better by having Milton's wife Ruth fly to Vegas to get a better surprise from Milton- a diamond ring! Milton can't believe Lucy has been doing all this behind his back but ends up liking the idea- even the expensive price tag that goes with the rare Winthrop Diamond he buys for Ruth.

    The only problem is that two jewel crooks were planning to steal the ring, so now they have to rob Milton instead of the Jewelers. Lucy just has to try this Winthrop Diamond ring on, and it gets stuck. The fun starts here, as the crooks don't care how they get the ring, as long as they get it! This NBC special was directed by Desi, produced by Milton Berle and filmed at Desilu Studios. You'll also see a very young Nancy Kulp (Miss Jane from the Beverly Hillbillies) in it too. The film and sound quality is average- which is good for something this rare and this is just such a thrill to finally own it on dvd!

    There are two more Bonus features included- the first being The Lucy Show- Lucy Meets The Berles. For Lucy fans, you'll remember this being the show where Lucy thinks Milton is cheating on his wife Ruth with Ruta Lee. The quality is really bad on this show, but if you already own this on The Lucy Show dvd's, it doesn't matter. The second Bonus feature is another treasure for Milton Berle fans- it's called The Buick Berle Show from New York also filmed at NBC. Milton sings and dances with Broadway dancers and also features Broadway's Janet Blair- who was famous for South Pacific. From Madison Square Garden you'll get to see boxing champ Ezzard Charles- Milton does some fancy foot work in the ring. This 1954 Special talks about Ezzard's coming up fight with the great Rocky Marciano. And being NBC, we get to go to a Steve Allen Show in New York- it's all really enjoyable fun!

    This never before seen on video The Lucy-Desi Milton Berle Special may not be digitally restored, but it's well worth buying, as it is wonderful to see Lucy, Desi and Milton back in 1959 for the first time in decades! It really reminded me of the famous Lucy show where Lucy could not get Liz's famous ring off her hand- you can see where the Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton show got it's ideas from! Also getting the Bonus 1954 Buick Berle Show featuring Broadway's Janet Blair, Steve Allen and Ezzard Charles is a real treat! This is a rare 5 STAR treat for Lucy or Milton Berle fans and well worth buying to add to your Lucy Library!!

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    4Uncle Miltie's Special, is Special Enough
    By Gary Elgin Dudzik
    I am prompted to write this review because this dvd program has gotten panned, by even Lucy fans, and I really think it is undeserved.
    From what I can tell, this was produced as a Milton Berle Special starring Lucy and Desi as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo from 1959 as they were winding down their Lucy-Desi Comedy Hours. It was filmed at Desilu, it was directed by Desi Arnaz, it was written by two of I Love Lucy's writers,... what's not to like? I think it stands as a fine addition to the collection of late fifties catalog of Lucy-Desi Comedy Hours. Milton had a reputation of not being easy to work with and hamming up and stealing a scene,...but for as many times as Lucy
    worked with him, it seems as though she had much respect for his talent. and as history has taught us, she was a formidable talent, who definitely managed her stage. This was filmed without their
    signature live studio audience. In the late fifties
    they did that more and more especially as they
    went on location. There are solid gags- including
    one reminiscent of "The Freezer", where they use
    the same makeup techniques to emulate Lucy's
    frozen arm and hand. It'sjust plain funny. There's
    also a gag calling on "My Fair Lady", which was
    popular on Broadway at the time.
    Ok, it's not VitaVetaVegemin, or the Candy Factory, but its solid comedy and deserves the attention by all true Lucy fans.

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    5Great rare overlook never released before special
    I made sure as there was some confusion, this is definately not the Milton Berle episode of "The Lucy/Desi Comedy Hour" released by CBS/Paramount. Everything the case and artwork promises holds true in this rare and never released gem and definately will complete your Lucy/Desi collection. Great Quality, I admit the script is subpar but in my humble opinion so were the "Lucy/Desi Hours".compared to "I Love Lucy"...but it is so refreshing just to see another new to viewers hour of classic Lucy & Ricky, sadly though no mention of the Mertzes.

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