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A BULLET FOR A STRANGER John and George are a couple of naive brothers who travel to a lawless western town to see their father. After they get themselves into big trouble with a gang of extortionists, a mysterious roving gunfighter (Gianni Garko) decides to help the guys out of their jam.
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  • Published on: 2013-07-09
  • Released on: 2013-07-09
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  • Running time: 365 minutes
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    By M. G. Groesbeck
    MOVIES 4 YOU: MORE SPAGHETTI WESTERNS is somewhat of a disappointment. The overall selection of films is good enough but the quality of the transfers is sub-par. All four films are on one disc and although they are all widescreen format, (the aspect ratio is 1.85:1,) the picture appears to be really small on my SONY flat screen. As I was watching these films, I kept noticing how small the picture appeared to be. Perhaps if you have a really large screen this will be less of an issue for you. The saying holds true, "You get what you pay for," and therefore, this leaves one with little room to complain, I suppose. My original and individual assessment of each B-Western film is as follows:

    First, BLOOD FOR A SILVER DOLLAR (1965) is a story which stars Guilano Gemma as a confederate soldier returning home from the Civil War who agrees to kill a menace gunfighter who unknowingly turns out to be his kin. Like many of the early Italian Westerns, the film feels somewhat like a classic American Western. Unfortunately, Gemma comes across sometimes as excessively clean-cut and pretentiously honorable. The colors on this particular transfer are washed out and this is especially apparent in the panoramic outdoor scenes. The theme music by Gianni Ferrio is very catchy with the melody being whistled in the opening credits and then played by a Mexican-sounding trumpet and other instruments at various points throughout the film and finally during the closing credit sequence a vocalist sings the lyrics (something about a guy who travels from town to town and smiles when others cry) as the song fades out all too soon. This is a decent early entry into the Euro-western canon with some great action sequences and despicable characters. I rate the film 3 out of 5 bullets.

    10,000 DOLLARS FOR A MASSACRE (1967) stars Gianni Garko as a ruthless bounty hunter who forms an alliance with a bandit he is chasing in order to reel him in. This is one of the first Django sequels (maybe the 3rd) and definatley one of the better ones. A non-campy homoerotic inference between the two male protagonists, an obsession for money that is openly characterized as unhealthy and an inversion of gender roles are a few of the elements that make this stylish Western a cut above the rest. That is to say nothing of Guerrieri's stylish direction as well as the film's fantastic cinematography and music. Of the four films features in this package, this is the supreme one and also has the highest quality/best looking transfer. I rate this film 4 out of 5 bullets.

    7 DOLLARS ON RED (1966) stars Anthony Steffan as a father searching for his young son who was kidnapped and then raised by ruthless gang leader played by Fernando Sancho. This revenge story, based on ancient Greek tragedy, has few surprises with a fistfight here and a gunfight there, but little else to keep the momentum or interest. It isn't until the end of the 3rd act of the film, which is almost a short film unto itself, that things get truly exciting. A thunderstorm is the backdrop for an ambush in town upon Sancho's unassuming gang and a then a showdown between father and long lost son. The transfer for this film is weak and is blurry at times. I rate this film 3 out of 5 bullets.

    The final film, A BULLET FOR A STRANGER (1971) aka THEY CALL HIM CEMETERY is a semi-comic tale of two naïve brothers, Christopher Chittel and John Fordyce who head into the wild west to visit their father and in the process run into trouble and it is only with the help of mysterious gunfighter, Gianni Garko (a Sartana-type character) that they are able to adapt and persevere by learning to use guns. The "fish out of water" element of the story gets old quick and a couple of clichéd barroom brawls are annoying. It is the moments with Garko that really shine and make this worthy of watching, along with Massi's beautiful cinematography. The transfer of the film in this set has blurry images, over-saturated color and somewhat muddy sound and leaves much to be desired. I rate this film 3 out of 5 bullets.

    Although the price on this set is low, the reason for a less than glowing opinion of this film collection is one of two things: the film choice could have been better and/or the transfer quality needed improvement. My overall rating for this package, MOVIES 4 YOU: MORE SPAGHETTI WESTERNS is 3 out of 5 bullets (or 3 out of 5 stars).

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    2Movies deserve better
    By Michael Ciafone
    These are good Spaghetti Westerns but the picture quality is awful. I was hoping for better since this company has some good collections out but this is not one of them. No remastering here,just bad picture and audio.

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    5Five Stars
    By Edward Hill
    Turned out to be a great value.Way better than I expected.Once again Amazon leads the way in Dvd offerings.

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