The Gerson Therapy: Healing "Incurable" Illness DVD (Vol. 1: Overview and Patient Testimonials, Vol. 2: The Gerson Therapy at Home, Vol. 3: Gerson Therapy Food Preparation) By Unknown
The Gerson Therapy: Healing
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Volume 1: Overview and Patient Testimonials Charlotte Gerson presents the history and theory of The Gerson Therapy. She describes Dr. Max Gerson's life and his development of the Gerson Therapy. Additionally, it discusses in depth the basic principles of deficiency and toxicity, and other topics include the chemistry of the body and the body's innate healing mechanism. Inspiring testimonies from healed patients demonstrate some of the extraordinary recoveries achieved with The Gerson Therapy. Volume 2: The Gerson Therapy at Home (Double Disk) Charlotte Gerson provides practical information and guidance for those who are using the Gerson Therapy principles at home. Recorded live at one of the Gerson Institute's educational seminars, it includes four hours of information, resources, common pitfalls, and question-and-answers. The topics covered include: water, oil, organic food, "forbidden" items, spices, juicing/machines, menus, enemas (coffee and castor oil), flare-ups, medication, toxins, ozone and hydrogen peroxide, laetrile and other adjuncts, fasting, stress, protein sources, milk proteins, addiction, exercise, and more. Volume 3: Gerson Therapy Food Preparation In the 3rd and final volume of the Gerson Therapy DVDs, Charlotte Gerson shows how anyone can prepare delicious, healthy Gerson Therapy meals and juices quickly and easily. Other useful tips are included.
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  • Published on: 2004-01-01
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    2It is nice to have but not at all necessary.
    By K. Weidensee
    I do Gerson Therapy from time to time as a detox when I am on a health kick. When I first started doing this, I bought all of the sources. I had the book, the cookbook, and the DVDs. I found that the DVDs and the cookbook aren't necessary. The book is the only thing a person needs to be able to follow the program. Furthermore, the quality of the DVDs is pretty poor. It seems to have been made from some very old conference that was originally recorded on film; and, the film wasn't in the best condition. All of that poor quality comes across on the DVD set. The DVDs don't really add that much quality information from the book either, so the DVDs just felt like a wast of time. The DVD set really just gives an introduction, a bunch of feel-good testimonials, and then a question and answer session, where people ask the most annoying questions that makes one wonder if they even bothered to read the book or if they ever--in their lifetime--engaged their brains. I think the best part of the set was the last DVD, when one gets to watch a few time-saving techniques in the kitchen, but even that isn't really needed to do the program. Overall, the DVD set was nice to see out of mere curiosity, but it really isn't a necessity. It was also of such a low quality that it certainly wasn't worth the price. I suggest holding out for a cheaper, used copy, if you still feel you must have this set.

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    5Throw away everything you thought you knew about food!
    By GLS
    Wow, a bundle of knowlege accumulated over 30 years. The videos were taken in the early 80's, when new technology introduced the VHS camera. Obviously the cameraman was inexperienced and the video quality was poor in some instances, and now converted to DVD. The whole concept of the Gerson Therapy is lectured by Charlotte Gerson. Part One is one disc with mainly the introduction and history of Max Gerson's research and findings. Part Two consists of 2 DVD's of the priciples and reasons behind the therapy. Astonishing to know that the live enzymes juiced from the vegetables do not survive cooking or freezing, and are completely destroyed by microwaving. It is also surprising to find out we are being systematically poisoned, by carpeting, sprays, detergents, chlorinated water, and even toothpaste. The liver is overloaded with all the poisons and eventually becomes sick, combined with inadequate nourishment in a fast-food world, finally allows disease to set in. Charlotte Gerson explains the treatment methods and answers the Do's and Don'ts asked by her audience. Part Three is in a kitchen setting with a demonstration of the juicer and press, preparing the coffee enema, and some menu items.

    I will defintely be passing this set of DVD's around!

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    5Excellent review of the Program.
    By snowbaehr
    These videos are a must for anyone interested in the Gerson program. Charlotte shows you how to cook, make the enemas, and overviews the entire program.

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