Yoga for Surfers Directed by Peggy Hall, Rochelle Ballard, Taylor Knox
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DVD Bonus: Behind-the-scenes look at the making of the video, plus Rochelle Ballard’s Surf Camp.
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  • Brand: Vas Entertainment
  • Released on: 2002-09-23
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  • Format: NTSC
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  • Running time: 55 minutes
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    5Great intro into Yoga..especially for surfers!!
    By Mr. Lambfries
    Like a lot of surfers, I half heartedly strectch and warm up before I paddle out, and I almost never stretch or cool down after a long surf session. Partly due to laziness, partly because I get impatient when it's "going off" and I just wanna get wet, and partly because I've always thought I was a naturally limber dude. Well, after trying this dvd out at a friend's house before a session it really made me realize how stiff I actually am and how much more limber and energized I could actually be. This dvd is a great introduction into Yoga, especially if you're a surfer. It's a great way to warm up, get limber and energize your body before a dawn patrol sesh, or anytime really. In this dvd Peggy Hall focuses on basic warm up stretches and poses but for the uninitiated they can prove to be awkard and slightly difficult at first. She breaks it down by giving you a pre-surf warm up, an in the water stretch out (perfect to do while waiting for sets), and a post-surf cool down. Each session is only about 15 or so minutes so it doesn't take much time but it leaves you feeling super loose and full of energy. I immediately purchased Volume II after doing Volume I a few times because I was hungry for more. Volume II is a bit more advanced and concentrates on flowing poses together (vinyasa flow) and increasing strength, balance, and lung capacity. If you want to feel loose, flexible, and energized then Peggy's DVDs are for you!!

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    5Saved My Back!!!
    By Rob & Jen
    I'm actually her husband reviewing this.

    I think I have bought about 4 copies of Vol. I since this came out. I keep giving them away. I have been recommending this to friends, neighbors, strangers, and anyone else who will listen. This is the best thing that has happened to my back.

    I have injured my back over the years of surfing, skateboarding, other sports and aggravated by bad posture and computers. I have been to massage therapy, physical therapy, chiroprators, accupunturists, medical doctors - I was headed for surgery. My wife finally dragged me to yoga classes and after 6 - 90 minute sessions in 2 weeks, my back started to noticeably improve. I have a pinched nerve in my upper back that causes discomfort/pain near my right shoulder blade.

    Then I heard about this not too long afterwards and bought the DVD. This was when it first came out. The 10 minute warm up and the 20 minute post sessions were exactly what I needed. It was quick, it focused on the back and shoulder - surfer problem areas. They are easy to do and do not take up much time. I would (and do all the time) highly recommend this to anyone having any back problems. Try this before you try surgery, drugs, accupuncture, etc. Now as long as I do these 30 minute sessions 2-3 times a week, I am pain free! Thank you Peggy Hall!

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    4A great yoga program...pricey though!
    By A Customer
    I picked this little gem up based on a recommendation from an online fitness friend. I wasn't disappointed.
    The 3rd yoga session (about 19 minutes) on this DVD is THE reason to pick this one up! Excellent side and back lower back feels soooo relaxed after doing this "post-surf" session! Peggy's voice is very positive and soothing during the relaxation pose. I didn't want to get up....ever!
    Session 1 (pre-surf) is a nice 9-minute vinyasa series. I like to use it after's quick and it gets the job done. However, I have to occasionally look up at my TV screen during certain poses because the instruction in this session is not quite detailed enough to follow by Peggy's voice alone.
    Session 2 (water) was a big waste of time for me. Tt's a 6 minute session while the surfers are in the water waiting for waves (I don't surf). The stretches are pretty much all upper body. However, I would imagine that surfers could get something out of this session...just not me!
    If you have a bit of money to burn, though. This is a great little yoga DVD!

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