Proven Techniques for Singles and Handicap Trap
Proven Techniques for Singles and Handicap Trap
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Over 40 years of competitive trapshooting has taught me what it takes to be an All American champion. This DVD pulls together a collection of my personal proven techniques to help you consistently shoot "Singles for the Glory" "Handicap for the Gold" Whether you are new to trapshooting or a seasoned veteran, tips on fundamentals, form, eye focus, and hold points will give you the tools you need to improve your own style and to consistently enhance your performance. I will not only tell you what I do and why I do it that way, I will use the EYE-Cam and over the shoulder camera shots to show you exactly what I see. Leo Harrison
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  • Trap Shooting
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    5Like they say
    By David B. Brown
    Though I am a long time shooter, I am new to Trap Shooting; just two months. And although the old boys at my shooting club mean well, their advice and "coaching" is mostly worth what it costs ... Nothing. Experience has taught me that I really do need to do a lot of research and seek out the most accomplished and experienced teachers in order to learn solid basics, know what and how to practice, and understand the mechanics and principles of any sport or artistic pursuit. This DVD by the late Leo Harrison is all of the above. I learned more from the this DVD and the Harlan Campbell Jr. DVD than all the "advice" I been given so far. While not as athletically challenging as the other shotgun sports, Trap does demand a solidity, steadiness, and consistency all it's own. Like they say, 2/3 of all the blocks in the Grest Pyramid are the lower half of the structure. Foundation is the key. Good foundation is a must. Leo offers this. He is highly accomplished, his wealth of knowledge is presented in an organized and comprehensive way, and he is comfortable in front of camera, so he's easy to listen to. The over the shoulder and eye cam shots are the highlights of the DVD. we get to see what Leo sees. And "seeing" is everything in Trap Shooting. I jokingly tell my shooting buddies that this DVD is not a "loaner". They're welcome to bring some good BBQ and beer to my house to watch it, because it ain't leavin' the premises. As my scores are now consistently in the low 20's after just two months in, they're beginning to get interested in my approach. Leo's DVD is a big part of it. I recommend it without qualification or hesitation.

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    5The greatest trapshooter to ever live
    By Dog lover 4life
    The greatest trapshooter to ever live. Big Leo aka the gentile giant tells all in an easy understandable format. I've personally won a championship at the grand American after watching this video. 2 years in a row! Unfortunately Leo passed at a young age but you can get lots from his videos. Anything I couldn't understand I called his wife Karla and she helped me understand.

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    5Logical approach to trap shooting
    By DDR874
    Great DVD! Leo Harrison has a logical approach to trap shooting, mixed with humility and "down home" humor.

    I have been an avid pistol and rifle shooter, but I had never shot a shotgun, let alone trap. After studying this DVD several times and then shooting 50 straight away birds to get the feel of the shotgun, I shot rounds of 19, 16, 17, and 20! I am elated!

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