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The Bad Boy is back. Longtime UFC superstar Tito Ortiz returns to the Octagon just one month after his big win over Ryan Bader to face number one light heavyweight contender and former champion ''Suga'' Rashad Evans in their highly anticipated rematch. Plus, ''The Phenom,'' Vitor Belfort, begins his quest for a shot at the middleweight crown against all-action Yoshihiro Akiyama, and rising welterweight star Rory MacDonald joins veterans Mike Pyle, Brian Ebersole, and Jorge Rivera in one of the biggest events of the summer.
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    4Long Awaited Rematch, Good Fights, There's Even A NEW Bonus In This One!
    By Wolfe Moffat
    When Tito Ortiz and Rashad Evans squared off at UFC 73, they weren't fighting for a DRAW, but when Tito grabbed the fence in round 2, that's exactly what the judges scored that fight. They've known there would be another meeting to take place, and when Phil Davis suffered an injury, Tito Ortiz, coming off of a win over Ryan Bader that saved his career at UFC 132, stepped in to hopefully get two wins in a row. Rashad isn't about to let Tito get a streak going at his expense, and he wants to finish "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy!" This is the Main Event for UFC 133!

    Sometimes I agree with the majority of people when they ask WHY?!!? Why is Yoshihiro Akiyama getting ANOTHER Co-Main Event, especially when he didn't win the last time around? Well, Vitor Belfort would be the answer to that question. Alan Belcher couldn't knock Akiyama out, and Chris Leben couldn't knock Akiyama out, but Leben did submit him. Is Akiyama going to put up a fight with the fast hands Vitor displays?

    I personally thought the Main Card delivered, and the other fights weren't too bad either. There are 11 fights, and I'll list 'em below!

    Rafael Natal vs. Paul Bradley: On TUF 7, Paul Bradley won his fight to get into the house, and broke out with the skin infection that ultimately ended his chance to stick around for the remainder of the season. He finally gets to make his UFC debut against a Brazilian who brings it. And it goes to a unanimous decision.

    Nam Phan vs. Mike Brown: Against Leonard Garcia, Nam Phan got screwed out of one of the world's worst split decisions ever handed down, among others we've seen in the UFC. And everybody knows who Mike Brown is from his WEC days. This could've been more interesting, but the winner took a dominating unanimous decision.

    Johny Hendricks vs. Mike Pierce: Hendricks comes to fight, Pierce knows how to win, and neither of these guys are to be taken lightly. This is a great fight that goes to a split decision!

    Ivan Menjivar vs. Nick Pace: These guys both bring it, why wouldn't it be a great fight? It's a good one with a unanimous decision!

    Rani Yahya vs. Chad Mendes: Not really a big secret as to what the gameplan is for either man. And one of them does just that, winning a unanimous decision.

    Matt Hamill vs. Alexander Gustafsson: I expected a dogfight that would be a FIGHT OF THE NIGHT split decision. And this really wasn't bad, but I seriously didn't expect the TKO that came in the 2nd round, not to mention the retirement that was announced shortly after. I think that the loser in this fight will be back after some time off, but I'll miss him until he comes back to bring "The Hammer" back to the octagon! Thanks for the memories!

    Rory MacDonald vs. Mike Pyle: My wife is a huge Nate Diaz fan, and I guaranteed her that when Nate fought MacDonald, she'd be a fan of his after that fight. I was right! Mike Pyle thinks that MacDonald has something to prove against him. Well, a 1st round TKO answers that assumption!

    Jorge Rivera vs. Costa Philippou: I'm pretty sure that fans expected an all-out slugfest in this one, with one of them going down eventually. You know, a lot of people saw this as the downer of the event, but I didn't see it that way. These guys battled for every inch of this fight, even if neither of them got the KO. And a split decision was awarded, so I guess it wasn't that simple!

    Dennis Hallman vs. Brian Ebersole: Between these 2, there's well over 100 fights, and both of them have proved that over their careers, and against various opponents. One of them gets a 1st round TKO, and a first-time bonus in the UFC. Apparently, Dana White didn't like somebody's choice of shorts, and the winner was awarded an additional GET THOSE SHORTS OFF OF NATIONAL TV bonus. Yeah, it really wasn't that pretty, but the TKO was awesome!

    Vitor Belfort vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama: One man punches, the other man goes PLOP, it happens in the 1st round, and that's all there is to that fight! 1st round KO!

    Rashad Evans vs. Tito Ortiz II: Hey, give Ortiz credit for stepping up. But this fight was basically dominated, I thought, and eventually a 2nd round TKO was a long time coming!

    So, is that worth your time? It was mine. I enjoyed it, and hope you enjoy it as well!

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    4UFC 133...
    By A. Irey
    This is UFC's first return to Philadelphia since UFC 101 and thankfully they returned with a decent card. Even with a few injuries and pulled bouts the card ended up coming out pretty well, even though it may not have been as stacked as last month's previous pay-per-view.

    In the opening fight of the night Rory MacDonald takes on Mike Pyle. For those of you who don't know, Rory MacDonald is a really scary welterweight with some major hype behind him, which is pretty justified due to his war with Carlos Condit and domination of Nate Diaz. To say the least, he's making some waves. Mike Pyle on the other hand has been showing a strong case for the top as well by pulling off one upset after the other on such fighters as John Hathaway and Ricardo Almeida. Definitely a very interesting fight as we see two strong contenders face off in what would eventually end with a surprising TKO. The winner came out with the performance he needed to separate himself from the pack.

    Up next was the only decision of the main card in a bout between Jorge Rivera and Constantinos Philippou. Rivera's a veteran of the octagon who has taken on the best of the middleweight division and he welcomes Philippou in his debut at the 185 weight class. A really close fight that slowed at points but was decent enough (granted I have a hard time dealing with fights that center around clinch-work in the cage unless Randy Couture is involved).

    Brian Ebersole and Dennis Hallman squared off in the second welterweight battle of the evening and it ends in similar fasion surprisingly enough with a first round TKO. I honestly have a hard time remembering much else about the fight beyond the finish.

    Last time fans were treated to Vitor Belfort's presence he didn't exactly come away with the victory that many were hoping for against Anderson Silva. Being a personal fan I was disappointed that he couldn't return earlier having contracted hepatitis A shortly after his fight with Silva. However on this night he had the chance to show off just how destructive a healthy Belfort could be, however it was against Yoshihiro Akiyama, a man who had shown himself to be a really tough middleweight with great judo and some decent power in his hands. This was my favorite fight of the night due to the energy of the crowd. Not only were they abuzz with how this was going to go down but they went absolutely nuts during the finish, which was a devastating finish before the end of the first half before the first round (I have a grip about the few shots to the back of the head at the end but I suppose I understand granted how the sport is).

    The main event was originally scheduled to be Rashad Evans returning to octagon after over a year long hiatus against undefeated Phil Davis. Davis however injured himself and had to pull out of the bout but Dana called up Tito Ortiz to settle an old score thankfully. Evans and Ortiz had previously fought to a draw in 2007 at UFC 73 which was an event that Ortiz would have won but he got a point taken away for holding onto the fence. As a bonus these two don't get along all that great so there was a lot of heat coming into this fight. This fight started out even enough before one of the wrestlers started pulling away with a pretty dominate performance and then ended up getting a finish in the second round (which came as a surprise to me since I was betting on a finish). Painful finish by the way, keep your eye out for it.

    Overall, a pretty good event. Not my favorite card of the year which was unfortunately hampered by a lot of decisions on the preliminary card but the main card definitely had a nice change up of finishes, surprisingly with no submissions whatsoever though. It'd almost be a great event but it's just missing that something special that makes an event a guaranteed wow.

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    By fmwaalex
    UFC 133

    The main draw for this event was that Tito Ortiz and Rashad Evans would finally rematch after all these years. Their first fight ended in a draw and the bad blood before the fight stayed even after the fight was over. So all these years later they finally would get it on again. On top of that this was supposed to be Rashad vs. Jon Jones and then Rashad vs. Phil Davis but injuries forced those fights to be cancelled. Of course both of those fights would eventually happen. Also you would see the legend Vitor Belfort vs. the ever tough and durable Yoshihiro Akiyama, two of my favorite fighters.

    DISC 1

    1.RORY MCDONALD VS MIKE PYLE-the first fight of the PPV card starts with a bang as this one does not leave the first round. Both guys are at the top of their game and are looking to be contenders. The fight starts out great and continues some what even but as it goes Rory starts to get a bit ahead. Rory has some nice hands here and stuns Pyle and eventually gets on top of him. Once there he pounds Pyle out and even uses some open palm strikes.

    2.JORGE RIVERA VS COSTA PHILIPPOU-the second fight starts out with a pretty even round. Both guys are very well rounded and are evenly matched in a lot of ways. Both land some good shots and spend some time on the cage. Things start out quick in the second as Costa lands big on Rivera and almost pounds him out. Rivera turns into him though and ends up on top. Still the round eventually goes back to Costa as he sinks in an omoplata and finishes the round later on top. The last round is another close one with more action. Both land some good shots, there are takedowns, submission attempts, and cage work all in this round. The judges give it to Costa in a split D.

    3.DENNIS HALLMAN VS BRIAN EBERSOLE-the third fight looks a lot like the first as it ends in the first. In this fight one guy has some very short trunks and the other guy literally has an arrow pointing to his face, where he wants you to hit him. Hallman takes advantage early and gets Brian's back from the beginning. He stays there most of the round but towards the end ends up on his back. Once Brian is one top he rains down big shots that force the ref to step in as he gets the win.

    4.VITOR BELFORT VS YOSHIHIRO AKIYAMA-this one was going to hurt my heart no matter what happened. I have been a fan of Vitor since he debuted and I love Akiyama so this was going to hurt me. Now I knew this was going to be a great fight because both guys bring it but I also knew it would be quick. The fight starts out with a feeling out process but after Akiyama throws a front kick Vitor is all over him. After he drops him he keeps throwing punch after punch until Akiyama goes out. Vitor is back with a vengeance and receives KO of the night.

    5.RASHAD EVANS VS TITO ORTIZ-I was highly looking forward to this fight since Tito was coming off a big win. That mixed with Rashad coming off a long lay off I thought for sure Tito was going to take this one. The first round had me thinking I was right as soon as it started. Tito comes out aggressive and starts swinging and looking for the take down. The first half of this round is all Tito looking very good and getting the take down. Then Rashad ends up getting a take down and letting go with his hands as well. The round ends with a toss up with both looking good, Rashad ended the round strong though. The second round starts out good with both guys looking good but Rashad takes the lead letting loose with some hands and getting the take down. Tito fires back though and almost sinks in a guillotine choke. Once he looses it though Rashad let his hands go and lays it on Tito, and once he lands this killer knee to the body Tito crumples over. The ref steps in and saves Tito from further punishment and Rashad is back with a vengeance. This fight got fight of the night honors.

    DISC 2

    1.RAFAEL NATAL VS PAUL BRADLEY-the first round sees Natal landing strike after strike particularly the jab. Paul tries for the take down throughout the round but could not get it. The second round starts fast and furious as Paul lands some hard punches that put Natal on retreat. Paul gets the take down finally but Natal makes his way back up. It looks like the first until the end of the round when Paul gets another take down. The third round looks very much like the first with Natal landing more strikes, especially leg kicks while Paul works for the take down. After three rounds Natal gets the UD for the win.

    2.MIKE BROWN VS NAM PHAN-this fight pits two guys that like to go in there and get it on. Brown is a former WEC Featherweight champion and Phan will bang it out with anybody, so this was going to be great. Well this didn't turn into the barn burner I expected but it was a good fight. The first round was all Brown as he took Phan down and pounded on him for the entire round. The second round is a little more competitive as Brown works and works for the take down that never comes. So they both have to trade in this round, Phan looks really good here. The third round is another round of trading hands and Brown looking for the take down. Despite Phan's nice combos and hands Brown gets the UD.

    3.JOHNY HENDRICKS VS MIKE PIERCE-the first round between these two is great with a lot of great striking. Punches, elbows, knees, kicks, everything looks good in this round, not a fan of Hendricks though. The second round is like the first with all kinds of great strikes being thrown and landed, but this round we add in a few take down attempts. The third round is good as well but Pierce takes control more so in my opinion as both land big shots. But Pierce gets the take down and takes the round in my opinion. It ends up being a split D with Hendricks taking it, not sure if I agree but great fight. In my opinion could have been fight of the night.

    4.IVAN MENJIVAR VS NICK PACE-we get a good first round here as both keep it even on the stand up. But I think Pace took the round as he took Ivan's back, even after an accidental low kick. Another great round turned in by both guys with some good combinations with Ivan taking the stand up. But towards the end of the round Pace gets the take down. The third round like the first two is full of action with both guys getting some good shots. Pace even lands a great knee that hurts Ivan, and then delivers a flying knee to end it with. Ivan gets the UD win that could have gone either way.

    5.CHAD MENDES VS RANI YAHYA-the first round is pretty much all Mendes as he controls the stand up. He even gets the take down but steps away from it. The second round is all Mendes as well as he gets two take downs and still edges the stand up. The third round once again goes to Mendes with the multiple take downs and the flip at the end. He easily takes the UD for the win with his wrestling.

    6.MATT HAMIL VS ALEXANDER GUSTAFSSON-this fight up pit an up and comer against the only fighter in UFC history who is deaf, that of course being Hamil. There isn't to much action in the first round but both throw with Gustafsson landing just a little more. The second round seems just as uneventful until the end when Guss swarms all over Hamil and pounds him out for the TKO victory.

    Over all this was a good event even though some of the fights hurt my heart. The DVD comes with behind the scenes stuff, the weigh-ins, and of course the countdown show.

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