The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries: Season 2
The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries: Season 2
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It's the world's greatest teen super-sleuths to the rescue as Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys return in 22 hour-long episodes of The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries Season Two! Based on the hugely popular books and starring teen idols Shaun Cassidy, Parker Stevenson and Pamela Sue Martin, these thrilling episodes follow the determined detectives on spooky mysteries in Dracula's Castle, at Mardi Gras in New Orleans and even in the Bermuda Triangle! Contributing to the fun and excitement are seven hit songs from Shaun Cassidy that made him a pop music sensation, including "That's Rock 'N Roll" and "Hey Deanie." Also, along for the chase in Season Two are such special guest stars as Casey Kasem, Rick Springfield, Melanie Griffith and Valerie Bertinelli. Follow the clues to fantastic music and adventures with TV's most famous teenage detectives!
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  • Running time: 1065 minutes
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    4Decent Basic Set
    By rampageous_cuss
    If you're familiar with this series, you know that the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries are fun family fare from the '70s. The plotting, especially for the boys' adventures, is pretty goofy but there's nothing here that I'd call high-camp, and the performances are solid with good chemistry between Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy and a great performance by Pamela Sue Martin as a young feminist version of Nancy Drew (although I also liked Tracy Ryan's '90s portrayal.)

    As in the first season, Joe and Frank Hardy are two enthusiastic but clumsy young wanna-be detectives who solve cases pretty much accidentally in loosely structured plots, capitalizing on the popularity of then-teen heartthrob Cassidy. Nancy gets marginally better material although the plots are still pretty formulaic and tend to involve her getting into trouble, getting the perpetrator to talk, and getting rescued.

    In the PREVIOUS season George O'Hanlon, Jr played Ned Nickerson, Nancy's lawyer father's geeky assistant, with Jean Rasey as Nancy's boy-crazy but not thrill-crazy friend George Fayne; it was a fun supporting cast. In THIS season, Ned is briefly reinvented (a cameo appearance by Rick Springfield,) then disappears. Susan Buckner plays George; she does a good job but is less broad than Rasey and consequently not as entertaining; Ruth Cox briefly plays a quite slim Bess Marvin. William Schallert returns as Carson Drew, and Ed Gilbert again plays Fenton Hardy. The big surprise comes in the two-part Voodoo Doll episode, where Martin was replaced in the Nancy role by Janet Louise Johnson, an, um, attractive young actress.

    Don't expect information on that kind of thing in this set; there is really nothing in the way of extras here - the "Bonus Materials" are actually advertisements for the "Sleuth" cable channel (currently called "Cloo.") If you are interested, of the 12 old tv shows they were airing, "Magnum, PI" was their most popular and "Columbo" the number two. Anyway there are no cast interviews or anything like that from THIS series - my suspicion is that if this had sold well, the company would have gone on to milk the market with a blu-ray set with more features. As it is, that does not look to be forthcoming anytime soon. The DVD quality for this set is OK.

    There's more location work in this season, but plenty that was all too obviously shot on a sound stage. Supporting characters (LOTS of fun cameos) do their best, but the stories are typical Glen Larson 'say I have an idea somebody write this down' kind of things. I get a kick out of it, but be aware television has come a lo-o-ong way since!

    The episodes on this 5-disc set are:
    DISC 1 - The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula (2-part;) The Mystery of King Tut's Tomb; The Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom (part 1)
    DISC 2 - The Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom (part 2;) Mystery of the African Safari; The Creatures Who Came on Sunday; Strange Fate of Flight 608; Acapulco Spies
    DISC 3 - Nancy Drew's Love Match; The Mystery of the Silent Scream; Will the Real Santa Claus...; The Lady on Thursday at Ten; Oh Say Can You Sing
    DISC 4 - The House On Possessed Hill; Sole Survivor; Voodoo Doll (2-part)
    DISC 5 - Mystery on the Avalanche Express; Death Surf; Arson and Old Lace; Campus Terror.

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    4The mystery of "Will They Ever Release Season Two" is finally solved!
    By J. M.
    I'm VERY excited that we're finally going to see another season make it to DVD. However, I do have a minor complaint:

    Season TWO consists of "22 episodes" and three are "two-part" episodes (making the real "whole episode" count "19"). Here is a list of the "season two" episodes:

    The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula (Part 1) - 09/11/77
    The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula (Part 2) - 09/18/77
    The Mystery of King Tut's Tomb 09/25/77
    The Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom (Part 1) - 10/02/77
    The Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom (Part 2) - 10/09/77
    The Mystery of the African Safari - 10/16/77
    The Creatures Who Came From Sunday - 10/30/77
    The Strange Fate of Flight 608 - 11/06/77
    Acapulco Spies - 11/13/77
    Nancy Drew's Love Match - 01/20/77
    The Silent Scream - 11/27/77
    Will the Real Santa Claus..? - 12/18/77
    The Lady on Thursday at Ten - 01/01/78
    Oh Say Can You Sing - 01/08/78
    The House on Possessed Hill - 02/22/78
    Sole Survivor - 01/29/78
    Voodoo Doll (Part 1) - 02/12/78
    Voodoo Doll (Part 2) - 02/19/78
    Mystery Of The Avalanche Express - 12/26/78
    Death Surf - 03/12/78
    Arson and Old Lace - 03/31/78
    The Campus Terror - 05/06/78

    "Season Three" consists of only "10 episodes" and two are "two parts" (which basically makes it an "8 episode" season). I think that it would have made more sense to release a "season two AND season three" combo box set. I realize that it would have added to the cost, but then we may end up having to wait a couple more years for the final "10" ("8") episodes. Let's hope not!!

    This series is standard "Glen Larson" material and GREAT nostalgia entertainment! The chemistry of the cast helps to drive the series and make it a light hearted, fun, and quite enjoyable viewing experience!


    5 of 5 people found the following review helpful.
    4More Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Fun!
    By Tracy Christenson
    Although the show still featured Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, season 2 was already starting to focus more on the Hardy Boys. When Pamela Sue Martin learned that there would be no more Nancy Drew episodes in the next season, she left the show in the middle of season 2 and another actress took over the role of Nancy Drew. I agree with a lot of the other reviewers that the show started to go downhill in season 2, when Pamela Sue Martin left. Personally, I was disappointed that they stopped the Nancy Drew portion of the show. Some of the episodes might seem a bit corny, however they are still a lot of fun. Die-hard fans of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys will love these shows. I know I do! In this set, the episodes aren't separated into Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys, like the ones in the first season. The episodes are in the order they were aired. Here's a list of the episodes:

    1. The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula, pts. 1 and 2 -- The Hardy Boys go to Transylvania to find their missing father and run into Nancy Drew, who was supposed to meet with Mr. Hardy to investigate some art thefts. These strange circumstances seem to surround a rock concert held at a local castle where Dracula supposedly lived. Could there still be a vampire lurking in the dark caverns under the castle?

    2. The Mystery of King Tut's Tomb -- The Hardy Boys travel to Egypt where they try to help a young woman whose purse was stolen. Surprisingly, she is less than grateful for their help and refuses to take the purse back. Frank finds a statuette inside the purse that looks like it's made of gold. Could the girl have actually wanted it stolen?

    3. The Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom, pts. 1 and 2 -- The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew are attending a detectives' convention in Los Angeles. After a tour of a movie studio, strange things start happening to the convention attendees. Who is out to get the detectives?

    4. Mystery of the African Safari -- The Hardy Boys are asked to help investigate a case of poaching in Africa where the animals' bodies are not even found.

    5. The Creatures Who Came on Sunday -- An old friend of the Hardy Boys' asks for their help in finding her missing boyfriend. She believes that his disappearance has something to do with a UFO that she saw in the mountains nearby. Although Frank and Joe don't believe in aliens, it's clear that something is going on in the mountains that people don't want anyone to know about.

    6. Strange Fate of Fligth 608 -- A stewardess friend of the Hardy Boys gets them seats on a flight carrying a group of stewardess trainees from Nassau to New York. One of the stewardesses is nervous because their flight will pass through the Bermuda Triangle. Her worries don't seem as silly when the flight crew is drugged and Frank has to land the plane.

    7. Acapulco Spies -- Fenton Hardy is on a case in Acapulco when he runs into some trouble. He tells Frank and Joe to go to a certain hotel and wait until someone gives them a certain code phrase. From there, everything goes wrong. Fenton Hardy disappears, and by accident, a couple of American girls say the code words to boys.

    8. Nancy Drew's Love Match -- Nancy Drew is asked by a concerned parent to watch his daughter, a young tennis star with kleptomaniac tendancies, but there may also be a more sinister criminal at work.

    9. The Mystery of the Silent Scream -- A deaf girl reads the lips of a man plotting a horrible crime. She will need the help of the Hardy Boys to catch the man before he can put his plan into action.

    10. Will the Real Santa Claus . . . -- In this Nancy Drew Christmas episode, Nancy must prove that a man who may or may not be Santa Claus is innocent of a series of burglaries. There is also a new Ned Nickerson in this episode who bears no resemblance to the Ned Nickerson in the first season of the show.

    11. The Lady on Thursday at Ten -- Nancy is driving late at night in New York when she gets lost and accidentally hits a man with her car. The man is taken to the hospital, and another man at the scene tells her that he is with the NYPD and the man she hit was an escapee. When Nancy doesn't hear from him the next day, she makes inquiries with the police, and they say that they've never heard of the policeman or the escapee.

    12. Oh Say Can You Sing -- Joe is invited to sing at a concert put on by a friend, Harriet, but Harriet is arrested over a hit-and-run accident. Harriet claims that she only witnessed the accident and reported it to the police, but the police say that she never came to them.

    13. The House on Possessed Hill -- Frank and Joe feel obligated to help a disturbed young woman who seems to have psychic abilities and a strange connection to an old house that people believe is haunted. Is she a witch, like some people believe, or are her visions hinting at some disturbing events in the past?

    14. Sole Survivor -- Joe wakes up in a hospital in Hong Kong and is told that his father and brother are dead. Did a car accident really kill them, or is there something else happening?

    15. Voodoo Doll, pts. 1 and 2 -- The Hardy Boys visit New Orleans during Mardi Gras, but soon after they arrive, someone steals their wallets. Then, someone leaves voodoo dolls of them in their room. They don't know why, but it seems to be connected to a magician performing at a night club. Meanwhile, Nancy Drew is undercover as a magician at the same night club on an investigation of her own. This is the first episode featuring Janet Louise Johnson as Nancy Drew.

    16. Mystery on the Avalanche Express -- The Hardy Boys and Nancy are in Europe to see a ski tournament. They find themselves on a train with a frightened woman who is being pursued by men demanding that she give them something that belonged to her late brother, only she has no idea what they want. (This episode bears a strong resemblance to the movie Charade with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn.)

    17. Death Surf -- While on vacation, Frank tries to save a drowning girl, but no one finds any trace of her. Her father tells Franks that he and his daughter weren't very close, but he wants to know more about her life. As Frank and Joe start to investigate the dead girl, they find out that they're not the only ones interested in her.

    18. Arson and Old Lace -- The Hardy Boys are desperately trying to find Nancy Drew, who has been kidnapped by a man living out obsessive fantasies about his dead wife. The situation is made all the more dangerous by an arsonist.

    19. Campus Terror -- The Hardy Boys try to help an old friend when her college classmates start disappearing. The identity of the kidnapper will come as a shock to them all.

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