UFC 31-37 DVD Box Set 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 Ultimate Fighting Championship Vol 31-37
UFC 31-37 DVD Box Set 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 Ultimate Fighting Championship Vol 31-37
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  • Rating: R (Restricted)
  • Formats: Box set, DVD
  • Number of discs: 7
  • Running time: 832 minutes
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    4UFC 31-37
    By Bigstory
    This is a 7-DVD set featuring UFC events 31-37. Each UFC event is on its own DVD. The whole set is housed in a sturdy container that is easily accessible. Unlike with some other mutli-DVD sets, each DVD is independantly accessible because of the convenient design of the plastic flap. Each DVD contains the bare-bones event without any added specials.

    This was an interesting and challenging time for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Not until UFC 33, prior events were off cable and held at miniscule venues. This was like a transition period for the UFC from "no holds barred" to mainstream MMA. The following is a breakdown of each event in this set:

    UFC 31 Locked & Loaded (5/04/01):
    Matt Lindland vs. Ricardo Almeida
    Semmy Schilt vs. Pete Williams
    Shonie Carter vs. Matt Serra
    Chuck Liddell vs. Kevin Randleman
    Carlos Newton vs. Pat Miletich
    Randy Couture vs. Pedro Rizzo

    UFC 32 Showdown in the Meadowlands (6/29/01):
    Vladimir Matyushenko vs. Yuki Kondo
    Caol Uno vs. Fabiano Iha
    Pat Miletich vs. Shonie Carter
    Josh Barnett vs. Semmy Schilt
    B.J. Penn vs. Din Thomas
    Tito Ortiz vs. Elvis Sinosic

    UFC 33 Victory in Vegas (9/28/01):
    Din Thomas vs. Fabiano Iha
    Matt Serra vs. Yves Edwards
    Chuck Liddell vs. Murilo Bustamante
    Dave Menne vs. Gil Castillo
    Jens Pulver vs. Dennis Hallman
    Tito Ortiz vs. Vladimir Matyushenko

    UFC 34 High Voltage (11/02/01):
    Frank Mir vs. Roberto Traven
    Matt Lindland vs. Phil Baroni
    Josh Barnett vs. Bobby Hoffman
    B.J. Penn vs. Caol Uno
    Ricco Rodriguez vs. Pete Williams
    Randy Couture vs. Pedro Rizzo
    Matt Hughes vs. Carlos Newton

    UFC 35 Throwdown (1/11/02):
    Andrei Semenov vs. Ricardo Almeida
    Chuck Liddell vs. Amar Suloev
    Murilo Bustamante vs. Dave Menne
    Ricco Rodriguez vs. Jeff Monson
    Jens Pulver vs. BJ Penn

    UFC 36 World's Collide (3/22/02):
    Frank Mir vs. Pete Williams
    Evan Tanner vs. Elvis Sinosic
    Matt Lindland vs. Pat Miletich
    Matt Hughes vs. Hayato Sakurai
    Pedro Rizzo vs. Andrei Arlovski
    Josh Barnett vs. Randy Couture

    UFC 37 High Impact (5/10/02):
    Caol Uno vs. Yves Edwards
    Phil Baroni vs. Amar Suloev
    BJ Penn vs. Paul Creighton
    Ricco Rodriguez vs. Tsuyoshi Kohsaka
    Murilo Bustamante vs. Matt Lindland

    The few drawbacks include the fact that there are no added features and that all the prelims were cut out. Also, the audio seems a little low so I had to crank the volume on my TV. Otherwise this is a very solid set of earlier UFC action, a time when UFC president Dana White still had some hair on his head.

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    4Very nice set for the price.
    By Sarsippius
    I just finished watching this set and was extremely happy with it. The quality was very high as each event was on it's own separate disc. The other sets from this manufacturer (1-10, 11-20, 21-30) all have two events per disc and the picture quality is quite bad. Despite being called a liar (by other reviewers) regarding the quality assessment on my review of the 21-30 set, anybody who knows anything about compression ratios of the MPEG-2 format (DVD) on a single layer disc will tell you 4+ hours worth of content (especially with a high amount of motion and on screen activity) is going to look pretty bad. That's not opinion - that's math.
    Anyway, I give this 4 stars. I would give it 5 stars, but there are no prelims like you get on the officially licensed UFC DVDs.

    The other reviewer mentioned that UFC 33 featured only partial matches unless the match ended quickly. That wasn't the case on the copy I received. On the main card of UFC 33, every match went to a decision and they were played in full on my copy.

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    4Finally - some quality
    By Consumer Advocate
    The available disks for UFC 1 through 30 have truly horrible quality - low contrast, low detail, and loads of pixellation, especially in the faster moving parts of the fights. Now, finally, this series of 31 through 37 are of standard dvd quality - reasonable contrast and color, and almost no pixellation at all. We really need a re-release of UFC 1 through 30 on discs with the same quality. I really loved the first 15 in particular, and they are very hard to watch on the disks available.

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