WWE: Ultimate Warrior: The Ultimate Collection Directed by Wwe
WWE: Ultimate Warrior: The Ultimate Collection
 Directed by Wwe
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He is one of the most colorful and intense Superstars of all time, the Ultimate Warrior! Now for the first time ever, WWE honors his illustrious career with this ultimate collection of bone-crunching matches. Feel the power of the warrior over 3-discs, featuring battles against all his biggest rivals such as Hulk Hogan, Jake Roberts, Ravishing Rick Rude, Sgt. Slaughter and more! WWE fans have long awaited another Warrior DVD since the controversial release of 2005's The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior. Finally, with over 7 hours of matches from this larger than life Superstar, the action on this home entertainment release is truly OUT OF CONTROL!!
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  • Published on: 2014-04-01
  • Released on: 2014-04-01
  • Rating: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)
  • Number of discs: 3
  • Formats: Multiple Formats, Box set, Color, NTSC
  • Original language: English
  • Number of discs: 3
  • Dimensions: .75" h x 5.50" w x 7.40" l, .45 pounds
  • Running time: 540 minutes
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    5My All Time Favorite!
    By Wisconsin
    I still remember the late 80's when WWF wrestling was huge and I watched it for a few years. One night this super-INTENSE guy with face paint came sprinting out with an energy level that I had never seen before and I immediately realized that this guy was awesome! For several years I followed the Ultimate Warrior and unfortunately I grew up and stopped following him and pro wrestling and didn't think about it for more than 20 years. A few weeks ago I saw that he had passed away and suddenly I realized that I had forgotten about the Warrior. I ordered this DVD and it is outstanding with many great matches that I saw long ago. He also offers commentary in a recent interview before each of the matches. It has brought back many memories of a wonderful time in my life and one of the most entertaining performers that I have seen. After seeing his hall of fame ceremony I see what a wonderful, sincere and caring man this was and I am very glad that I was a Ultimate Warrior fan. Thanks for the memories and R.I.P. Ultimate Warrior!!!

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    5The Ultimate Journey. Into Parts Unkown.
    By Ryan Balogh
    I have nothing but good things to say about this blu-ray, it is simply awesome. Whether you're a fan of the Warrior, or just a fan of wrestling, you gotta get this collection. However it did take me a while to watch the whole 8 to 9 hrs of content, due to emotions bubbling up during viewing. I got this collection the day before Warrior's passing, and had only watched the first hour that first day. Having waited so long for this sort of collection on the Warrior to be released, I wanted to savor it. I would also like to retell my history of being one of those first little warriors. I'll try to be brief, because there are so many fond memories of Warrior that it would take forever to write them all. The Ultimate Warrior debuted on my fifth birthday 1987, and I was pulled into the wilds of the Warrior from the start. My older brother loved Hogan, but I was not so interested, and being new to watching wrestling at the time, I was just blown away by the Warrior's charisma. I grew up lower class, so I wasn't able to watch all of Warrior's matches on pay per view, I had to wait for the Coliseum video release to arrive in the video store. I would save my allowances up to buy anything with Warrior's visage. I remember those Warrior action figures were hard to get when I was a kid. First of all they were more rare than the other figures, but they also sold out fast. I had to talk to the stock guy at the Toys R Us to find out when they would be putting out the newer stuff, which was Friday night after closing, and I would have to show up early Saturday morning. So I did, and it worked. Those figures are not nearly as great as the newest Mattel releases (which I really hope continue), they were simple. But at that age, they were prized to me, and going home with one in hand was absolute spendor. The first and only time I ever got to see Warrior live, was at the Frank Erwin Center. It was early 1990. He battled Haku. I wasn't sitting as close to the ring as I would have liked, but I had my face painted with some leftover Halloween makeup, and I was never so excited in my life to see anything. Pretty sure I'll never be that excited about anything else for the rest of my life! I had to wait to near the end of the show before seeing him because he was a main eventer at that point. But when Haku came to the ring I knew who was next. When that music hit I went nuts. The entire match, I never sat down or stopped chanting "WARRIOR! WARRIOR!" My older brother kept telling me to sit down, but there was no way. I didn't want to waste such a rare, and supremely awesome moment in my life. The match was maybe ten minutes long I'd say. I loved how Warrior would react in the ring to cheers. The more you would cheer the more he would fight back against his opponent. Hogan did that also, but not to quite the same extent. Warrior seemed to reward crowds cheering more than any other performer, and that level of interaction and response is very rare. The day after I could barely speak, but it was so worth it. I'll also never forget the bet I had with my brother and a bunch other kids that the Warrior would beat Hogan at Wrestlemania 6. The buildup for WM6 was so great. The prospect of these two in a matchup was unlike any other match at the time, or since. I'd say it was on the level of two undefeated teams playing in the Super Bowl. It was a big effin deal! From the '90 Royal Rumble to WM. Hogan and Warrior were doing the best work of their careers. Those kids were so sure Hogan would win. The day after WM6, I forbid anyone telling me who won because I had to wait for the video release. Some of those kids tried to use my ignorance to their advantage, telling me Hogan won to force me to pay up. No bet would be settled until I saw it for myself. The day my bro and I got to watch the WM6 video, we actually watched the whole thing, and didn't just skip to the end. The Warrior-Hogan match was the best I'd seen from both competitors. (I just noticed recently watching that match, that at the end the ref screwed up and handed Warrior both belts, and Warrior takes that sweet yellow IC belt, shoving the ref back still holding the world championship belt. That was pretty damn funny. Ref almost ruined the end of the match, and I bet Warrior and Terry were glaring at the poor guy, who probably felt five inches tall). When Warrior won the match I was electric with joy. Sadly, none of those kids would pay up. Sore losers. It didn't matter though. Winning is enough. After Warrior's win at WM6 the WWF seemed to try to make him more like Hogan, making his hair blonde and such. That bothered me because the darker Warrior was way better. I loved Warrior's year-long reign as champ, until The Macho King (not Man at that point) cost him the belt. But their rivalry was the single best rivalry I would ever see in all the years I would watch wrestling. When Warrior left at the end of 1991, I was very upset. Wondering what happened. People started saying that he died. I didn't believe that for a second. When I got to see Wrestlemania 8, I had no idea what was waiting at the very end. When Hogan's being piled on, then Warrior's music kicked up, I was in shock... at first. Blown away, I starting screaming so loud in my room that my parents thought something was wrong. I watched that WM8 ending over and and over. Never has there ever been a crowd that loud in my years of watching wrestling. Never. The Warrior would leave again. The second time was not as heartbreaking. But I never really gave up on the Warrior's return. He would return in 96, and that was brief. Still I was extremely excited about it while it lasted. He would return once more in WCW, which was strange for me. WCW was not a very well organized machine, and they really ruined alot of great wrestlers. Even though, I was still blown away by the return, just not as much as in 92. After that, it seemed the Warrior was no longer interested in being in the wrestling biz. I can't blame him. I wasn't mad about it or anything, I just loved the Warrior, his energy, his personality was engrossing and extremely engaging. He inspired me, as I'm sure he did countless others. He was responsible for a lot great memories in my childhood, when good memories for me were fewer than I would have liked. I'll never forget how hilarious it was to watch ring announcers and referees have to bail out of the ring because the speed, energy, and wild fury Warrior carried to the ring. I still laugh at how fast Howard Finkel had to get out of the way of Warrior in his Summerslam IC match with Honkey Tonk Man. This blu-ray features a match in Japan between Warrior and Sgt. Slaughter, in which Warrior wails on Slaughter, throwing him around in the crowd. Warrior was like Godzilla on rampage. I laughed so hard at the craziness of it all. Just amazing. Because of him I would push harder in everything I did. Anything athletic, from football, to baseball, to working out, to track and field days, to whatever there was that would test my mettle in life and sport. I had the Warrior in my mind. No challenge was too great. I could overcome long or impossible odds, and even if I couldn't win, I still wouldn't quit. Since 1998, I had longed to see the Warrior's return. His return match, in Spain I think it was, was not really what I had in mind, knowing that it was a one shot. As the Warrior man said, I always believed. The last couple years saw releases of Ultimate Warrior figures made by Mattel, and all based on the different moments and looks from Warrior's career. I really hope they continue those, they're so supremely sweet. I have them all. Then last year Warrior was in the promotion for the newest WWE game, which was both hilarious and pure Warrior wildness. I knew the Warrior was returning, but didn't know the capacity. I didn't care. Just to feel that electricity again was more than enough. The HOF speech was to be the beginning. The dvd/blu-ray was just to set the record straight. I never believed the detractors and slander of Warrior, and I said as much in my review of The Self Destruction dvd. It was so surreal to see him on RAW, I was just floored. It was made very bittersweet after the day that followed. Hearing and seeing the news of his death just didn't seem real. It felt like someone tied a ten pound weight to my heart. Utter shock. I couldn't even speak or think right for the rest of that day. A week later, I watched the tribute to the Warrior on RAW, and I couldn't hold back the tears. The Warrior man gave so much for his fans, and wrestling fans in general. When he shook the ropes, or raised his hands to the skies he was communicating with his fellow warriors, as well as drawing energy from them to fight on. I only wish that I could have gotten the chance to see him, and hear that powerful voice and music just one more time live. I will always be a warrior fan, a warrior, and a fighter, like the Warrior himself. In this world and unto parts unkown.

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    5thank you
    By Johnny_Amazon®
    Honor his memory, relive his moments with happiness. Thank you for all the happy memories. Rest In Peace, Ultimate Warrior.

    Growing up in my early teens, I couldn't find anything that I could relate with. I couldn't relate to any type of music - I didn't listen to the radio, and there wasn't much on TV at the time. Besides following basketball and Magic Johnson, I could not find anything in popular entertainment that would really struck a nerve. Growing up awkward, not a jock, not rich, not a brainiac(maybe a few of you can relate), there wasn't much that could bring out the inner me.

    Then one day on a Saturday night, while channel surfing, I perchance came upon a peculiar tune. A thunderous bass, some kickin' percussion, and a wicked guitar riff - What was this?? Then out of nowhere shot out a man - no, it was more than a man. It was a spirit, an energy, a force - it was THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR! I would never forget that moment which changed my life, which gave something that I could attach myself to and find meaning within these forces called "growing up."

    Here I was, a shy, taciturn, introverted boy. No way to express myself, no outlet to channel my thoughts, no medium to funnel my energy. Yet when I heard that music, and saw this embodiment of energy zipping through the crowd, jumping up the stairs, shaking the ropes, rumbling the ring, I finally found my meaning of existence, and that all is right with the world. Say what you will about the man - if he took steroids, if he was a jerk to the other wrestlers, if he was anarchistic to The Man(Vince McMahon & the WWF). When you're a kid, and you witnessed The Ultimate Warrior, you don't think of any of that, and it didn't matter. It didn't matter if we couldn't really understand his interviews and monologues. More than the man, The Ultimate Warrior was a symbol, he was a beacon for those of us who were awkward, who were confused, who were shunned, who were laughed upon, who were lost. He was that guiding light for our childhood, that no matter how bad our day was, our week, our family, our school, our personal life. For those 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, when you were in the world of the Warrior, you were realized, you were recognized, you were understood. More than a man, The Ultimate Warrior was the personification of our thoughts, the manifestation of our feelings. The Ultimate Warrior was the culmination of us - he was the ultimate culmination of my childhood, he was the culmination of me.

    So once again, thank you, Warrior. More than the matches, more than the show, like Guns N' Roses afterwards, like the song "Eighteen" by Alice Cooper, you allowed me to find my way, you allowed me to grow up, you allowed me to understand myself, you allowed me to be me. And I was all right after all.

    Your life has passed, but your energy remains in all of us who had the honor and the pleasure to witness your being. The Ultimate Warrior lives on in all of us.

    Thank you.

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