Tighten Tone and Torch with Suzanne Bowen
Tighten Tone and Torch with Suzanne Bowen
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Packed with all her favorite exercises, Suzanne Bowen will lead you through challenging yet achievable workouts, no matter your fitness level. Get ready to feel a transformation as you tone, tighten and torch your way thru these powerful segments. You'll quickly experience why this has become one of Suzanne's favorite workouts yet! "Yes you can!" Upper Body Sleek - 20 Minutes This innovative mat and weight work routine defines, chisels and sculpts the entire upper body. Expect a challenge and listen to your body. Requires 2-5 pound weights. Lower Body Lean - 20 Minutes Prepare to shake and burn with Suzanne in this toning and shaping lower body fat melter! Optional addition of 2-5 pound weights as shown. Cardio Torch - 20 Minutes This interval style cardio segment will take your heart rate up and down with controlled, low impact options for the ultimate fat sizzler. Finish strong with a bonus abs workout (mat required). Stretch - 12 Minutes End each day's workout with this aligned stretching routine which will help bring mobility to the joints and de-stress. Don't skip this! You will need something for balance and a mat.
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  • Running time: 72 minutes
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    5Effective workouts with a lovely instructor!
    By Katharine A. Draper
    I discovered Suzanne recently on YouTube and liked her personality so much that I purchased two of her DVDs (this and "BarreAmped"). I haven't done the cardio section as I rely on Jessica Smith's low impact walks to cover that but I've done the other two on the disc repeatedly and can only say that the results were pretty instantaneous.

    The lower body lean segment seemed slightly easy compared to other videos but my legs are much stronger and even caught the notice of a usually distracted boyfriend so I'd say it's definitely worth the effort! Suzanne does a variety of moves involving plies at different angles, see-saws for rear hamstrings, "knee dancing" for the thighs (I feel those!) and then moves on to the glutes and a short bit for the inner thighs. Not too difficult but you get a bang for your buck.

    Upper body sleek was a different story. The bodyweight only exercises were quite challenging; however, I've been doing them following 20 minutes of Leah Sarago's upper body moves in her "Ballet Body: Total Body" video and since they were very similar I'm guessing I was too burnt out. Whatever the case, Suzanne does a lot of shoulder work involving forearm planks then transitions into side planks that work your waist, shoulders and back. It's not easy and even she stresses that you should listen to your body. She finishes with tricep dips before moving onto the weighted section. At that point 3 pounds was about all I could handle and even then I had to stop once or twice. She focuses on the shoulders, triceps, middle back and more but I never thought 8 reps of one exercise could cause so much muscle trembling! It works, though, and her "shake to change" motto is no joke.

    Suzanne is a very pleasant instructor who is not a drill sergeant or too perky. She packs a lot into the two segments I've been doing and there is no dread factor (or annoyance factor in her case). I like that she incorporates stretching into the upper body workout; Leah Sarago doesn't give you a break but Suzanne does. I've very happy with this purchase and would buy additional videos by Suzanne in a heartbeat.

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    5I love this DVD, and I love Suzanne.
    By Leslie Marie
    This is a great set of workouts that doesn't involve a bunch of flailing and dancing around, which I appreciate. Even if I'm a little low on energy, I don't dread doing this DVD, but I still feel like I accomplished something. My body is changing after 2 weeks of doing 1-2 segments of this video 4-5 times/week. I really love Suzanne as an instructor. She's calm but still very motivating. She says things like, "Could you go an inch lower?" in a way that makes you think that maybe yes, you could, even though you feel like you're dying. I was tempted to skip the stretch segment at first, but after trying it, I now love it.

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    5Good workout for those who enjoy Barre workouts
    By AAL2215
    I'm not going to lie, this is not the type of workout I would enjoy. I have a couple pilates dvd's at home that I do sometimes (mostly Ellen Barett) but enjoy trainers like Jackie Warner, Cindy Whitmarsh and Jillian Michaels. I didn't realize this was barre based when I bought it. For those new to barre the workout will require some extra time watching the moves before you can perform them. A lot of the arm work is in plank position on the floor so it's hard to watch and do the moves at the same time. After doing the workouts a couple times a person would become familiar with them. Overall though I feel like this dvd will provide a great workout for someone who enjoys this style, that's why I am giving it 5 stars. I felt as though I should review so others can decide whether or not this would be for them.

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