Stretch, Turn-out, & Extension Directed by Finis Jhung
Stretch, Turn-out, & Extension
 Directed by Finis Jhung
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ABOUT THE TEACHER: Finis Jhung is a world-renowned ballet master who has been featured on CBS THS MORNING, written The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique: A Guide for Teacher & Students and produced more than 45 instructional videos. ABOUT THE VIDEO: Finis Jhung has created 17 exercises especially designed to show you how to stretch safely and correctly so that you will strengthen andimprove your turnout and extension. Finis shows and explains each exercise step-by-step, and then it is demonstrated by Isabella Boylston, principal dancer of The American Ballet Theater. The floor exercises are done both sitting up as well as lying down, which allows you to stretch without stress or strain on your muscles and joints. Each barre exercise includes detailed instructions and demonstrations on how to bring your floor stretches to a standing position while displaying your maximum turnout and extension with balance and control. As you will see, the secrets to success can be yours. EXERCISES: FLOOR EXERCISES - 1. Half split stretch; 2. Full split stretch; 3. Plié stretch with feet apart; 4. Plié stretch with feet together; 5. Développé to the front: on your side; 6. Développé to the front: on your back; 7. Développé to the side: on your bac;k 8. Arabesque roll-ups. BARRE EXERCISES: 1. Strengthen your turn-out in plié; 2. Rond de jambe à terre, en l'air, grand rond de jambe; 3. Battement, fondu, développé to the front & side; 4. Développé, battement fondu to the front & side; 5. Arabesque stretch, penchée; 6. Grand battement to the front, tombé, stretch; 7. Grand battement to the back, stretch; 8. Grand battement to the side; 9. Adagio with grand rond de jambe
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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #64965 in DVD
  • Brand: Finis Jhung
  • Published on: 2008
  • Formats: Color, Full Screen
  • Dimensions: .18 pounds
  • Running time: 90 minutes
  • Product Features
  • 17 specially designed exercises
  • Stretch safely and correctly to strengthen and improve your turnout and extension
  • Demonstrated by Isabella Boylston of The American Ballet Theatre.
  • Stretch without stress or strain!
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    5IT REALLY WORKS! - even for the stiff-hipped and tight-muscled adult beginners.
    By Natalya A.S.
    This is my second DVD from Finis Jhung. The first DVD was Ballet Barre for the Adult Absolute Beginner, and I have had such good results from it that my regular ballet teacher started to demand much more from me in class (including "more turn-out"). I read that turn-out cannot be forced (only gently coaxed), so I turned to Finis's collection of DVDs for guidance.

    RESULTS: First of all, I don't think you can expect quick results in turn-out and extension for an adult ballet beginner who has not stretched (especially not in those areas!) in years. Even now, after about a month of practice with this DVD, I cannot fully reach my leg over my head in Developpe or do a split, the way that Isabella Boylston and Finis himself do it. Having said that, there is far less tightness and more space in my joints and in my body overall, and I have noticed other small, but significant, changes.

    Two specific examples from my daily living:
    - I have an old injury in my right ankle, due to which I have not been able to sit cross-legged in meditation for longer than 15 min, because of pain; after starting this program, I can sit for 30 min without a problem: there is much less pressure on the ankle, because my hips are that much more open.
    - I am a doctoral student, and I have to stay at my desk long hours, writing; so I pretty much have resigned myself to a low grade chronic back pain: this pain disappeared after about 1.5 week since I started daily stretching!

    As far as the regular ballet classes go, I have not dazzled my teacher with a spectacular extension or turn-out or ceiling high grand battement yet, but when I do plie, rond re jambe or battement or developpe in class now, I have a much better form, because I know exactly what muscles I need to be working.

    Thus, even though I cannot yet claim a true ballerina's stretch, turn-out and extension, I see these remarkable improvements as genuine signs that this DVD is very effective in achieving what it claims to offer.

    As before, I remain deeply grateful for the clarity, thoroughness, and pure joy of Finis Jhung's instruction.

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    5Wow! The holy grail of turnout/extension development!
    By Rachel
    Wow, what a workout. No matter what your ability, you can challenge it with this DVD. None of the stretches or exercises are totally unique or anything, but they're the good ones that build strength and flexibility and stability all at once. Handily presented in a format that counts for you, you'll never skimp your flexibility work again.

    I trust Finis Jhung above all other teachers when it comes to doing things right the first time. Learning to keep your weight and alignment as you move and turn out...such a difficult process! So rarely dwelt on in ordinary classes!

    Finis Jhung is definitely the cure for all those bad habits you learned by looking at your peers at the barre. No dancer should neglect this DVD. It's like a concentrated barre session, minus the majority of technique practice and focusing solely on those movements that build strong turnout and extension. Ouch, but in a good way.

    44 of 48 people found the following review helpful.
    5Ballet Lady Loves T Dance----Patti Rae
    By Patricia M.
    I never heard of Finnis Jhung before-I'm glad I read about him in these reviews-I love the way the excercises were explained and that they were slow enough to see how they are done, I even was informed about the correct way to pull up from the plie/ spelling probably not right. You do it with the inner thigh muscles, not from the lower part of the legs. Any how I am learning beginners level, I'm 82yrs old---some people think I'm nuts and just trying to be '''young''-----For their information I do it to strenghthen my knee muscles and make my legs and body strong-plus I like it and don't care what anyone thinks about it because of my age.I love this teacher's methods and I'm going to get beginners Barre training next. I bought a ballet barre and I love doig this.

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