The Mothership Connection Live 1976 Directed by Brian Blum
The Mothership Connection Live 1976
 Directed by Brian Blum
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It was Halloween night and Parliament Funkadelic was about to tear the roof off the Houston Summit, ready to bless the crowd with their cosmic brew of interplanetary funk. George Clinton, Bernie Worrell, Bootsy Collins and the rest of the P-Funk collective were riding the success of their first Top 5 R&B hit, "Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker)," a track that had earned them the kind of radio play that would bring the masses out to see them live in a stadium-sized arena. The group was only five dates into the tour when they arrived in Houston, but they were definitely ready to take it to the stage for an out-of-this-world show like no other. Taped on October 31, 1976, these seldom-seen performances at the Houston Summit represent Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic in their '70s prime, in the era of their Mothership Connection and The Clones Of Dr. Funkenstein LPs--a rare opportunity for everyone to get their proper dose of The P-Funk.
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    5Make My Funk, The P-Funk
    By Cbazz
    Not the best quality video, but if you are a true fan of "The P," it won't matter at all!!! Uncut funk from beginning to end. I saw the Mothership Connection Tour in 1977 at the LA Coliseum. I was 8 yrs old. It totally blew my young mind and I've been living "on the one" ever since!!! When Glen Goins called the mothership ship down, I remember the band being drowned out by people screaming. Some people had tears in their eyes. I still get chills on that part. This video is a must have! The greatest band(army) to ever play together, on their best tour...

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    By Tee
    It was the 1970's! They didn't have all these "high tech" cameras/equipment like they do nowadays! Whatever camera was used, it was probably the only camera they COULD use to film that type of concert at the time, I don't know. But ANYWAY! What can I say, except WOW! I bought this DVD as a surprise for my father, and boy did it make his day! He not only experienced the "P-funk madness", but he also got to hang out with these guys. As an "old school baby" myself, it was quite enjoyable for me too. The concert was taken place at the Houston Summit on Halloween night in 1976. Parliament Funkadelic delivers nothing but greatness throughout this entire DVD. You got nothing but the best..from Dr. Funkenstein arriving in his Funkmobile and doing his thing to the biggest part of the entire concert. You guys know what I'm talking about! I felt INTENSE anticipation, and to think I wasn't even actually there! It was during the performance of "Swing Down Sweet Chariot" when the Mothership came flying in the air and landed center stage, and who should come out but the one and only funkmaster George Clinton himself dressed in what appears to be "pimp suit" attire. Of course these guys had a way of expressing themselves and their true talent. :) They had an actual BAND, playing LIVE instruments..NO lip singing here, folks! Pure entertainment, and these cats are the true definition of FUNK (P-FUNK that is). I sure hate I'll never get to experience anything like this, but I'm grateful to be able to purchase and see stuff like this on DVD. For you older P-FUNK fans, you will LOVE this! Don't worry about the quality - just think about what you get out of it, which is a hell of a stroll down memory lane!
    ***And for those of you who want to complain, remember what Funkadelic's song says, "If you ain't gonna get it on, TAKE YOUR DEAD ASS HOME!!"

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    55 stars by default (I'll explain)
    By Mel Bridgman
    Since this is the only professionally produced live visual concert document of "The P-Funk Mob" at it's absolute peak, I feel compelled to give it a full 5 stars even though the program is relatively brief (85 minutes) and the disc contains no additional features of any kind. The footage looks quite good for 1976, relatively clear and the sound quality (while monaural) is failry clear with only a mild complaint regarding the EQ of various instruments (notably, Gary Shider's virtually silent guitar on "Cosmic Slop")... However, this DVD is bigger than its flaws. It is about seeing a legendary and important musical happening at its prime moment of full realization. The DVD offers a wonderful chance to hear and see live the brilliant Glenn Goins in all of his captivating vocal brilliance (just pay attention to "Funkin' For Fun" and "Mothership Connection", where he calls in the Mothership) ... it is a crime how anonymous this master vocalist is today since his untimely death at 23 from cancer, he sounds amazing here. The band is tight and they play with marvelous precision. The boundless energy and enthusiasm of the ensemble is clear when watching this. The original Parliament singers (Calvin Thomas, Fuzzy Haskins, Ray Davis-- though I don't spot Grady anywhere), Gary Shider complete with signature diaper and pacifier, Mike Hampton in his gigantic green Sombrero, Bernie Worrell with a hat that I can't even describe, and the sexy duo of Debbie Wright and Jeanette Washington... Cordell "Boogie" Mosson (unseen) and Jerome "Big Foot" Brailey... they are all here along with Fred and Maceo and the best horn section around... for fans of Parliament/Funkadelic, this is essential stuff... and for casual observers, this is a time capsule to an important group at it's peak

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