Ufc #6: Clash Of The Titans
Ufc #6: Clash Of The Titans
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The Ultimate Fighting Championship Volume 6 has it all: the debut of colossal legend David "Tank" Abbott, one of the most gripping final matches ever and a bonus SUPERFIGHT between Dan "The Beast" Severn and Ken Shamrock!
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    4UFC 6: Clash of the Titans
    By Matt and Jessi
    July 14, 1995

    Casper Events Center

    Casper, Wyoming

    As the UFC continued to develop, on this night we would see the 2nd UFC Superfight... This time it would be between Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn. We were all hoping that it would be more exciting than the Shamrock/Gracie "superfight" of UFC 5.

    John Mutua v. Tank Abbott:

    This time, we have Michael Buffer doing the ring announcements... nice. This fight doesn't last long and it has been seen on highlight reels ever since. This is one of Tank's finest UFC moments. We are given an entertaining few seconds of fighting and we are introduced to a new type of fighter in the UFC...

    Cal Worsham v. Paul Varelans:

    Worsham, the much smaller combatant, is getting the better of the standing exchanges. The fight is a straight brawl. No technique. Not even any composure. Just fists flying wildly. Someone catches a shot and it ends. I feel the better and more technically sound fighter lost this fight, but that is all a part of mixed martial arts. That's what happens sometimes when you throw a striker in with a slugger.

    Rudyard Moncayo v. Pat Smith:

    Smith is back again after his losses to Shamrock, Gracie and Kimo (in K-1 competition) to give the UFC another go. He lands an opening rushing front kick to put an exclamation point on his return and basically dominates his opponent. This is another quick one, but it's doubtful that Smith has what it takes to compete with the very best.

    Dave Beneteau v. Oleg Taktarov:

    Taktarov does what we were all expecting when he takes Beneteau down. Beneteau does the same when he is able to land some decent strikes before being guillotined and taken out.

    The semi-finals are looking pretty good at this point...

    Tank Abbott v. Paul Varelans:

    This should be a good one. Two big fighters who love to strike will go at it. The fight doesn't end up being all that competitive, but it's still very interesting. It ends fairly quickly, as have so many other fights in this UFC event, but we get to see a but of showboatin' from Tank as hopes rise higher for the slugger to win it all.

    Pat Smith suffers from stomach cramps and can not continue. I knew the semi-finals wouldn't be as good as I was expecting. They never are, with the multiple-fight format, people just get too beat-up to be competitive in the 2nd or 3rd fight of the night. SO... Anthony Macias steps in as an alternate. He got tossed around and dominated by Severn, but hey, maybe he'll fare better tonight against another world-class fighter.

    Anthony Macias v. Oleg Taktarov:

    What do you think happened? Over almost as quickly as it begins. Goodbye, Anthony Macias.

    The Superfight

    Ken Shamrock v. Dan Severn:

    This time around, the superfight starts off looking like it might actually evolve into a good fight. A wrestler and a shootfighter stand in the ring battling for a dominant position until someone gets it. Not an amazing fight, but LIGHT YEARS beyond the last superfight in terms of entertainment value. Shamrock/Gracie was a nightmare for the fans, but this one at least gave us something to cheer about.

    The Finals

    Tank Abbott v. Oleg Taktarov:

    This ends up being a much better fight than I was expecting. I figured that if Oleg made it through the first Tank flurry, then he would be able to take a tired Tank out fairly easily with a submission. The fight ends up going on for so long that both fighters become exhausted nearly to the point of losing consciousness. Oleg actually looks dead on the bottom at around 8:00 in with Tank resting in his guard. Tank actually seems to be getting the upper hand by a slight margin for a good portion of the fight. There is one last surge that ends the fight...

    The DVD includes an interesting and worthwhile UFC 6 retrospective. Another good piece of UFC history.

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    5great UFC
    By Odd Pedestrian
    This is where Ken makes up for that last crappy performance he made. Oleg is an actor too, he plays in 15 minutes with Robert Dinero. Watch the special features, Oleg talks about how he wanted to be an actor but couldnt speak english so he became a fighter. What I like most about Oleg is his leg locks, which are very difficult to pull off.

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    2Starting to bet boring watching wresters stalemate for 20 minutes.
    By 0p

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