Dirty Pair: The Original TV Series, Part 1 (Litebox) By DIRTY PAIR: ORIGINAL TV SERIES PART 1 (LITEBOX)
Dirty Pair: The Original TV Series, Part 1 (Litebox)
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In the 22nd century mankind may be technologically advanced, but there are still some problems that can only be fixed by a couple of women who don't back down from a fight! These are the adventures of Kei and Yuri, two official Trouble Consultants for the World Welfare Works Association, who use their brains, brawn, and looks to solve any problem. They call themselves the ''Lovely Angels,'' but because their solutions often result in chaos and mass destruction, the rest of the universe has dubbed them the ''Dirty Pair''! Includes Episodes 1-13. Features: English subtitles, English on-screen translations, clean opening, U.S. Part 2 trailer and Nozomi Entertainment trailers.
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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #67866 in DVD
  • Published on: 2013-06-04
  • Released on: 2013-06-04
  • Rating: Unrated (Not Rated)
  • Number of discs: 3
  • Formats: Multiple Formats, Animated, Box set, Color, Dolby, NTSC
  • Original language: Japanese
  • Subtitled in: English
  • Number of discs: 3
  • Dimensions: .50" h x 5.25" w x 7.50" l, .30 pounds
  • Running time: 325 minutes
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  • Factory sealed DVD
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    5An Entertaining Mid 80's Anime That's Still Worth Getting For Any Anime Fan.
    By Rich(アニメとゲームが優先!!)
    If you like other female action/comedy animes like Dirty Pair Flash,Bubblegum Crisis and the like then you're sure to enjoy this series as well. One bit of info though that is the series only comes subbed so if you dislike subbed animes for some reason or dislike having to read the subtitles then sadly this is one series you'll have to pass over otherwise expect and entertaining mix of action/drama/suspense/romance in the series. While the series throws in a lot of comedic aspects into the episodes there is also a lot of darker drama aspects in them as well so it's not totally light hearted like with other animes you's expect like Ranma 1/2 and the like. The animation and audio have been masterfully restored as it looks great and sounds great showing the quality and care that is sadly somewhat lacking in most current day animes.Not all current day animes that rely on CGI animation is bad but it seems nowadays that present animes rely too much on CGI effects then a good quality story or characters. Still for fans who enjoy these classic animes from before the invasion of CGI animation here's an entertaining series for you to enjoy.

    5 of 5 people found the following review helpful.
    4Fun 80's anime, good DVD release
    By MiRSD
    I first found the Dirty Pair a few years ago on showtime. I immediately went out looking for a DVD release, only to find the newer "Dirty Pair Flash" to be the only one available.

    Not too much later, ADV released the Original Dirty Pair: OVA Collection Box and Original Dirty Pair: Movie Collection (unfortunately now out of print and quite expensive). These were a great start, but the DVD Collection for the TV show never appeared like I hoped it would, until now at least.

    Right Stuf is releasing the series in 2 13-episode parts (3 discs each). The show itself is a fun 80's action/comedy similar to something like Lupin III - overall a very enjoyable show that should have been released years ago.

    While the 2-part DVD releases are a bit disappointing with the current trend of releasing single-collection DVD sets, it's much better than what we had even just a few years ago with the individual volume releases for close to the same price as this collection.

    I am disappointed that it doesn't have a dub - I found the dub on TV to be one of the most enjoyable parts of the show and would gladly have paid a little more for the set if it meant getting a dub produced. With that said, I'm guessing they're not expecting this set to break records in sales so I can see how they might find it hard to justify producing a dub for it. No point deductions here as this is pointed out on the release (although I was a bit surprised to see that, with how almost ever release over the past few years has had a dub).

    It seems the idea of a dub might have been thrown around - the individual cases in the box list "English and Japanese Language" for the audio tracks.

    For a 25-year-old anime, I thought it looked pretty good. Certainly better than similar titles like Bubblegum Crisis (1987) which had rainbow effects, aliasing and "marching ants" at times. The video isn't comparable to modern-day anime, but I wouldn't expect it to be. I'd give it about a 4 out of 5 considering the age. Even on a 50" TV, upscaled to HD over HDMI, it looks great.

    Audio is also clear, but isn't going to blow anyone away or win any awards.

    Subtitles are in yellow and white (alternating when needed to prevent confusion from multiple people talking onscreen).

    Extras are a bit lacking - while I understand there might not be a collectors-edition worth of extras for a 25 year old anime, this only includes a clean opening credits, trailer for Part 2 and a few other titles. SOMETHING would have been nice, even if it were produced specifically for the DVD release.

    The box itself is very nice and includes 3 thin-pack DVD cases inside (each with outer artwork).

    If you liked Bubblegum Crisis, Lupin III or any other Dirty Pair releases (OVA's or movies), this one definitely holds up well next to them and gets my recommendation!

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    5Finally on DVD the T.V. episodes for DIrty Pair (part 1)!
    By P.K.
    Now right after I got this and watched a bit of it I gave a quick 2 line thumbs up but, I prefer to be better when it comes to my anime reviews. If for one reason or another it has taken until now to get the T.V. episodes in the States and this is a great release. If you are a long time fan or want to check out what us old kids are yammering about, DON'T MISS THE ULTRA-DESTRUCTIVE, Kei & Yuri (C/N LOVELY ANGELS) known through the galaxy as, THE DIRTY PAIR!

    This is part one of a 2 part release for the 26 T.V. episodes for the duo and also the very first release in the U.S. for the T.V. episodes and it is definitely a good one. I have the ADV release for the OVA's, Movies, and Flash and the packaging is exactly like the Thinpak boxes for the OVA and Movies, 3 cases get in nice and sturdy chip board boxes with nice art featuring our leading ladies. As for sound and video, It's an 80's classic so you get a stereo mix for sound and it does sound really nice, it looks equally nice wearing it's age well, just don't expect it to look like the latest and greatest out. That all said this looks and sounds great especially for a show produced in 1985.

    *A note before I continue, this show is presented in Japanese with Subtitles ONLY, so be prepared there isn't an English Dub!!

    As for the story, it's a sci-fi action saga set in a future universe following the exploits of WWWA trouble consultants Kei and Yuri as they solve intergalactic crimes and mysteries, all while leaving a path of destruction wherever they go, hence the nickname Dirty Pair.
    If you are a lover of the classics, or a first time fan, or a long time Dirty Pair fan, don't miss this one!

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