Vamp (Midnight Madness) Directed by Richard Wenk
Vamp (Midnight Madness)
 Directed by Richard Wenk
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A group of fraternity pledges head for the seedy side of the city in search of strippers and discover a sinister spot called The After Dark‚ÄąClub. But when the bar’s luscious dancers turn out to be bloodthirsty vampires led by the kinky Katrina (Grace Jones), the evening takes on a freaky new twist. Can these guys survive a bizarre onslaught of vixens and vamps, or will the armies of the undead take the ultimate bite out of their night? Chris Makepeace (Meatballs), Robert Rusler (Weird Science), Gedde Watanabe (Sixteen Candles) and Dedee Pfeiffer co-star in this outrageously sexy horror comedy that features wild makeup effects by Oscar®-winner Greg Cannom (Dracula, The Mask).
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  • Brand: Image Entertainment
  • Model: 19536866
  • Published on: 2011-09-20
  • Released on: 2011-09-20
  • Rating: R (Restricted)
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Formats: Multiple Formats, Color, Dolby, NTSC, Widescreen
  • Original language: English
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Dimensions: .50" h x 5.25" w x 7.50" l, .15 pounds
  • Running time: 93 minutes
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  • Factory sealed DVD
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    5Excellent blu-ray to a great 80s vampire cult classic!
    By John Lindsey
    Two college friends Keith(Chris Makepeace) and AJ (Robert Rusler) want to be in a fraternity but in order to be in they have to get a stripper for them for a party. They bring along a rich student named Duncan (Geedee Wantanabe) for the ride to the big city to go to a special strip-club called "The After Dark Club" where there are plenty of beautiful women especially Keith's old girlfriend Armaretto (Deedee Pfeifer) whom he hasn't seen in a long time. The club is owned by the desirable Katrina (Grace Jones) who is an Egyptian vampiress as it turns out the club is full of vampires who drink the blood of many people as the trio with Armaretto must battle the undead of the night.

    A very entertaining 1986 cult horror comedy cult classic from director and co-writer Richard Wenk! What began as a concept by Donald Borchers who is the producer of this film as he worked for New World Pictures in 1985 who had an idea for a film about college students vs. stripper vampires, Richard Wenk came off his hit short film "Dracula Bites the Big Apple" in 1979 as he was seeking something of a debut film and this was his chance. It did became a minor hit and gained a cult following since it's video release, what works in this charming horror comedy is the atmosphere with some dark humor. The acting is quite good even by Robert Rusler and Grace Jones is terrific as the title villainess as she is one of those singers who can act playing the seductive Katrina. Deedee Pfeifer is beautiful in this movie as i always had a thing for her since i saw this movie in theaters as a kid when i lived in St. Louis and she is indeed Michelle's sister, Billy Draco is good in the role of the psycho albino gang leader Snow and there's good and sometimes gory vampire make-up effects by Greg Cannom even with Katrina's transformation from stripper to vampire queen as her character is a bit like Orloff from Nosferatu in some way but as a female version. This movie pre-dates films like "From Dusk Till Dawn" and "Bordello of Blood" years before them with the similar concepts and all, it even ahsa good score by Jonathan Elias which sounds kind of Carpenter-esque in some ways and this is one of my favorite vampire films.

    This blu-ray R0 UK import from Arrow Films is an excellent BD and what some people here in the US don't realize that some foreign BDS mainly ones from the UK can play on US based players sometimes and this is one of them that plays on all regions. The picture quality is great with exceptionally crisp coloring that make the colors pop out and great extras like interview with Deedee Pfeifer (not in the US DVD), new interview with Richard Wenk, new commentary by Robert Rusler and critic Calum Waddell plus booklet with info on the film with collector's poster, 4 panal reversible sleeve options with new artwork and original posters, intro by Robert Rusler, Back o the 80s an interview with the producer, scrapbook of Scares which has Richard Wenk look over his collection of Vamp memorabilia, easter egg, behind the scenes rehearsals, blooper reel, Dracula Bites the Big Apple short film by Richard Wenk and Trailer. A definite must own for fans of the film and for fans of vampire films but please AVOID the US Image company version which is crappy as it has zero extras and bad PQ as this is the only one to get.

    Also recommended: "The Lost Boys", "From Dusk Till Dawn", "Cronos", "Bordello of Blood", "Dracula (1931 with many other versions)", "Nosferatu (1922 and 1979)", "Lifeforce", "The Hunger", "Near Dark", "Let The Right One In", "Let Me In", "Thirst (2009)", "John Carpenter's Vampires", "Subspecies Saga", "Vampire Journals", "The Keep", "Lair of the White Worm", "Sleepwalkers", "The Monster Squad", "Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter", "Vampire Hunter D", "Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust", "Evil Dead 2", "Blade Trilogy", "Underworld saga", "Daybreakers", "Salem's Lot", "Vampire Circus", "Twins of Evil", "Dark Shadows", "Horror of Dracula and sequels", "30 Days of Night", "Count Yorga", "The Omega Man", "Buffy The Vampire Slayer", "Blood The Last Vampire (animated and live-action versions)", "Once Bitten", "My Best Friend is a Vampire", "Habit", "Immortality aka Wisdom of Crocodiles" and "Fright Night 1 & 2 and 2011 remake".

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    1Not worthy to be classified as a Blu-Ray edition
    By Horror Fan
    I purchased this Blue Ray edition hoping it has a better transfer. Not at all. The movie lacks any special features and the transfer is VERY BAD. Even a video cassette would look better as the images are grainy and colors fade. I don't know why movie studios care to release such a BAD product hoping to take advantage of fans who wanted a better looking product. You don't need it, better buy it on DVD and there will be NO difference among both versions.

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    1They really spent no time on this release.
    By Alan Soyars
    So if you're not going to invest any time into a release, why even bother? The DVD that was previously released a few years ago actually had a decent amount of special features. This release? Not ONE. NOTHING. They couldn't even put those on this release? The only thing that the BluRay did better is spell Dedee Pfeiffer's name correctly on the front cover.

    If you want just the movie, this would be fine for you. If you want a decent release with some really cool special features, try to track down the original DVD release, or if you already have it, don't bother "upgrading"...

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