The Elaine Petrone Method - Stop the Clock. DVD & Ball
The Elaine Petrone Method - Stop the Clock. DVD & Ball
Manufacturer : Acorn Manufacturing
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To look and feel years younger, stop working so hard! Relax and get on the ball with Elaine Petrones revolutionary method of deep muscle relaxation. Many of the ill effects of aging result from the bodys tendency to become misaligned over time and work against itself, causing pain and dreaded changes like a rounding tummy and sagging upper arms. This program will teach you how to use controlled breathing and your own weight on a comfy ball to regain your bodys natural alignment. Pain and stress will flood away. Improved posture will give you a longer, leaner look. In over 30 years of teaching her method to individuals and health care professionals, Elaine has helped thousands of people discover the bodys inherent ability to heal itself. Her methodand its resultshave been featured in numerous national magazines and on syndicated television shows. Today she teaches her method in classes in New York City and at Stamford Hospital in Connecticut. description
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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #117884 in DVD
  • Brand: Acorn Manufacturing
  • Published on: 2007-01-02
  • Released on: 2007-01-02
  • Rating: NR (Not Rated)
  • Aspect ratio: 1.33:1
  • Number of discs: 2
  • Formats: Multiple Formats, Color, NTSC
  • Original language: English
  • Number of discs: 2
  • Dimensions: .80" h x 5.75" w x 5.75" l, .80 pounds
  • Running time: 60 minutes
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    5Just try it!
    By Ky Woman
    I am always looking for ways to help illeviate discomfort with my body as I have very overactive nerves & a slipped disc in my neck. I was also looking for a way to rid myself of the nodules that I encounter all over my body from time to time. I got this program because I have already been using tennis balls & thought it might even feel better. Different feeling, but I still love this program . I felt her concept was mostly what I had been trying to do, but she probably had alot better ideas of how to do it & a better way to do it. She does! Elaine's dvd is invaluable to me, as she explains and shows you how to breathe properly while doing the exercises. This is not suppose to be an entertaining video, so the people who say that this is 'boring', must not really need it & should leave it for others like me to enjoy. Elaine says to basically feel the weight of your body on the ball, rather than try to balance on it, 'give in to the gravity'. It lengthens muscles , she does show you three of the most important places that tighten for most people, putting the ball behind the neck, in back of the crook of the arm, & under the pelvis. She then shows you how it's done & most importantly how to breathe in that position. I did find that when the two people who were showing what she wants us to do, when they made the 'S' sound, it was long and drawn out and at the same sound level as when Elaine was talking. No big deal for most, but made it a bit distracting for me to listen & I had to replay it a few times to be able to let what she said 'sink in' . It is something that you only play once or twice - or a refresher to how the program is suppose to be,, but well worth having it. Actually, I bought this dvd and it didn't even have the ball! I'm looking forward to getting the book that I ordered on Amazon, so it'll show me even more ideas to relax my muscles. I think this dvd is invaluable, thanks Elaine.

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    4For pain and tension in SHOULDERS, NECK AND HEAD
    By gadgetcollector
    I love this system and it has worked wonders for me.

    Stop The Clock has this statement on the box, " This program addresses pain and tension in the shoulders, neck and head. For pain in the lower back and hips look for the THE ELAINE PETRONE METHOD kit."

    That's a crazy important detail that should be emphasized in the sales description. For me it didn't matter because I had her Miracle Ball kit already. That kit has 2 balls, each a little smaller than the one ball in this kit.

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    5Amazing Results
    By dsmato
    I've had regular problems with my neck since an accident in 1991. Usually when it goes out of kilter, I make an appointment to see a chiropractor. I felt my neck do it's out-of-whack thing two weeks ago but was so busy with life events and work that I couldn't get to my chiropractor. I was having tightness and couldn't turn my head very far to the right.

    Received the Stop the Clock, DVD & Ball package on Saturday, (10/30/10), and followed it through the program. I was absolutely Amazed! I felt about 80% better and had more ease of movement in my neck. The next morning I thought I'll go through it again. Before I even started the DVD, I laid down on the floor and just turned my neck to the right and it moved all the way. Even after the session of the day before, my body was continuing to realign because of the steps of Elaine's method.

    I highly recommend her product to anyone needing some therapy and relief from tension or pain in the neck and shoulders.

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