The Toolbox Murders [Blu-ray] Directed by Dennis Donnelly
The Toolbox Murders [Blu-ray]
 Directed by Dennis Donnelly
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In a quiet apartment complex in Los Angeles, a deranged handyman goes on a killing spree, savagely murdering "immoral" women with the tools of his trade - claw hammers, power drills and even a deadly nail gun! But these gruesome massacres are just the beginning of this landmark epic of violence and depravity that was vilified by critics, banned by censors, and treasured by splatter fans worldwide. This is...THE TOOLBOX MURDERS!
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  • Brand: KOCH ENT.
  • Published on: 2012-09-11
  • Released on: 2010-01-26
  • Rating: Unrated (Not Rated)
  • Aspect ratio: 1.66:1
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Formats: Multiple Formats, Blu-ray, Color, NTSC, Subtitled, Widescreen
  • Original language: English
  • Subtitled in: French, Spanish
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Dimensions: .50" h x 5.25" w x 6.75" l, .20 pounds
  • Running time: 94 minutes
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    3“I cut all the evil out.”
    By Einsatz
    Interesting. Almost, but not quite, a slasher flick due to the fact that the killings abruptly end and suddenly the movie turns into a kidnapping case. The action sequences are on the clunky side of absurd as most of the victims make little attempt to evade the killer. Instead, they flail about, as though reluctant to run, movement that looks overly choreographed. Only the woman facing the nail-gun bothers to put up a fight. The set pieces are the tool usage; they didn’t let the plot get in the way of that. And then they turned overly timid, killing two male characters off screen. It’s later, when they attempted to rationalize the murders, that things got more than a little silly. It’s definitely an oddity. It could have used 100 more rewrites (the dialog is atrocious) and a reputable acting coach. And someone with a semblance of style. A decent camera operator would have been appreciated. Someone who didn’t edit with a butter knife................

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    5an interview with the chick who got naked and ran around in her apartment like a moron and other crap
    By SLAVE
    DVD Review: The Blue Underground version has an audio commentary with Pamelyn Ferdin and others, an interview with the chick who got naked and ran around in her apartment like a moron and other crap.

    Movie Review: The film begins as some masked psycho is killing people with tools. Then he kidnaps some stupid broad and pretends she is his niece or daughter or some s***. The end. The film does start off as a slasher flick but then converts into a psychological thriller and I loved it. The story was really good and the blood was happy fun. However, I hated that douche bag with the big nose. He almost ruined this movie with his whining and his mentally deficient sensibilities and his ugly f*****g face. The rest of the cast was good, however. I enjoyed this one A LOT!!!

    Conclusion: 5 stars for the DVD and 4 1/2 for The Toolbox Murders (1977)

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    3Don't believe the hype! It's like an ABC Movie of the Week with nudity and gore.
    By Tate Hemlock
    For some reason this film rates high amongst gore aficionados but I couldn't fathom what they see in this snooze fest. It starts out promising enough. The killer dispatches a few girls and they don't skimp on the blood or nudity. In fact the film's only real highlight is porn star Kelly Nichols, whose bathtime near the beginning of the film is ruined when she is unceremoniously dispatched with a nail gun. But that song. Ugh. If I neverhear that song again it will be too soon. After 30 minutes or so of unrelenting bloodshed, the film turns into a bad TV movie mystery. I've been more on the edge of my seat watching Barnaby Jones. Instead of killing her. the killer kidnaps a young innocent girl, for reasons revealed later, and it's up to her brother to rescue her. He brings along about zero charisma, no acting skills and that guy from the Land of the Lost, Wesley Eure, who not only ends up being the killer's nephew but also ends up setting him on fire in a 'What the heck?!?!' moment that had me scratching my head. Well that came out of nowhere. A bunch of non-sensical twists and turns try to build tension but even more dull moments ensue and then at the end they inform you that it was based on true events. Uh huh. Cameron Mitchell is wasted in this dud. I always liked the poster but the movie bored me. I have nothing bad to say about Kelly Nichols. She's one of my top ten actresses in the adult genre so it was cool to see her in a somewhat mainstream flick. I'm not saying, "Don't watch it" but there are plenty of films in this genre or from this era that are not a chore to suffer through.

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