Stealth Directed by Lionel Baier
 Directed by Lionel Baier
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Directed by Lionel Baier (Garçon Stupide) this sweet, oddball story deftly shuffles between sex, family love and adventure with comedic grace.
From all outward appearances, Lionel is a happy gay man with a great career and a modern, open minded family who accepts his devoted lover Serge as one of their own.
Then Lionel discovers he has Polish ancestors. Suddenly he s immersing himself in all things Polish: food, language, etc. Things really heat up when he meets a pretty Polish immigrant facing deportation and decides to marry her.
Taking charge, Lucy (Lionel s sister) borrows Lionel s company car for a road trip to Poland to discover the family roots. Once there, Lionel rediscovers his seemingly lost homosexuality with the handsome Polish boy, Stan, and along the way, he finds the true meaning of family.
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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #227210 in DVD
  • Released on: 2008-06-24
  • Rating: Unrated
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Formats: Multiple Formats, Color, Letterboxed, NTSC, Subtitled, Widescreen
  • Original language: French, Polish
  • Subtitled in: English
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Dimensions: .75" h x 5.50" w x 7.50" l, .20 pounds
  • Running time: 112 minutes
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    By KrissKringle Sprinkle
    The description is what caught my interest to watch this film. Within the first 27 minutes I found the description of the film unbelievable. It states Lionel is a happy gay man that has an open minded family that accepts his lover. However, in the opening scene Lionel is unable to hold hands with his lover in front of this “accepting” family. I found a man uncomfortable with his sexuality. When Lionel talks with his sister about marriage to Ewa he says not to tell his mother because she will think he’s in love with a woman! When he invites Ewa to stay with him and Serge, they are not to let on that they are in a relationship. I’m not saying this couldn’t happen but for me a bit unbelievable and I lost my interest in the story.

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    3Guy Looking For His Heritage Who Happens to Be Gay But Lots Unexplained
    By nyc
    Stealth is a movie that is in French and Polish. The guy lives in Switzerland where he speaks French, but finds out from his parents that his grandfather is from Poland. However, the family knows very little about his grandfather because he left his pregnant grandmother before his father was born. From this information, the main character Lionel, who is a writer of fiction or semi-fiction, decides to learn how to speak Polish and to gain back parts of his heritage.

    What I like about this film is that it's not about they guy being gay, nor about his gay situation. Gay has nothing to do with the plot. The movie is simply about a guy who wants to re-connect with his heritage because as a kid he never knew that he was partly Polish being that his grandfather is Polish. It just so happens that this guy is gay. It's not a gay movie about him being gay. He has a relationship with a guy which the family doesn't have an issue with, but he meets a woman from Poland who is seeking legal papers to live in Switzerland. Out of sympathy he offers to marry this Polish woman. However, his sister doesn't like the idea and decides to steal him away from everyone and heads to Poland together in search of the story behind the grandfather, so that the brother can settle his mind about his heritage. This movie made me think about my own heritage.

    What I don't like about this movie is there are so many unexplained parts in the movie. He and his sister left everyone behind, and we know nothing of what happens to the immigrant Polish woman who Lionel was going to marry. At the end of the movie, the sister decides to stay in Poland with no explanation as to why she wanted to remain in Poland. She's pregnant, but there is no explanation as to whether her husband will ever find out and what his reaction would be. Lionel, who works for a radio station, took the company car to Poland, but it is stolen and no where do they show this was reported to the police. Why? What ever happen to Lionel's boyfriend? Does Lionel return to him? Lots of strange moments in the movie that makes no sense.

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    4Falsely advertised
    By Kendra
    Its like the summary is a lie. He is not openly gay and his family is not understanding except for the sister who in the beginning calls him out on his bull. I felt incredibly bad about what happened when the polish girl came to live with Lionel and Serge especially when Lionel practically said he was bored with serge when all he was doing was trying to get his attention and keep their relationship. While I hated it for the sole purpose of the false summary and Lionel's horrid treatment of his "boyfriend" the last half of the movie was rather funny and in a way heart warming. I still feel Lionel is a jerk that can't actually come to terms with himself if he can't even let a "guest" see him loving on his boyfriend, and I wish Serge finds someone better and worth his love.

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