The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection: Volume 6 (Attack of the Giant Leeches / Gunslinger / Teenagers from Outer Space / Mr. B's Lost Shorts) Directed by Joel Hodgson, Bernard L. Kowalski, Roger Corman, Tom Graeff
Product Description
Join Joel, Mike, and their "robot friends" as they endure the worst movies ever made, all for the pleasure of an evil scientist. To survive and maintain their sanity, these crazy captives make stinging quips and hilarious jokes at the expense of these torturous cinematic stinkers.
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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #69659 in DVD
  • Released on: 2004-10-26
  • Rating: NR (Not Rated)
  • Aspect ratio: 1.33:1
  • Number of discs: 4
  • Formats: Box set, Color, NTSC
  • Original language: English
  • Number of discs: 4
  • Dimensions: 1.00" h x 5.50" w x 7.75" l, .70 pounds
  • Running time: 360 minutes
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    5A selection of great MST3K from Comedy Central years
    By Valnastar
    This release from Rhino Video goes back to the "classic" Comedy Central years and some of the best MST3K. Episodes include:

    Teenagers From Outer Space: One of the funniest episodes ever, it's a 1959 low-budget b/w science fiction movie about an alien invasion from a planet with a totalitarian regime and the struggle of one sensitive alien teenager to escape and live free as an individual here on Earth. An evil and sadistic alien teenager charged with bringing him back to their spaceship dead or alive hunts him through the picture, while the teenage hero finds love and friendship in small town America. Filled with ray guns, flying saucers, alien monsters that look suspiciously like lobsters, jump suit "space suits" and more low-budget fun, Joel and the `Bots have an easy time milking this one for continuous laughs throughout.

    Attack of the Giant Leeches: Another b/w low-budget 1959 picture, this one is "sci-fi/horror" about some really over-sized leeches capturing rural townsfolk and keeping them around as food stock in their underwater cave. The subplot leading into all the leech-infested fun involves a devoted if unexciting husband (Bruno Ve Sota) trying in vain to keep his young wife (Yvette Vickers) happy. Seems she is steamier than the swamp and looking for someone to cheat and run away with about every 10 seconds. Anyway, there is lots of drama and cheesy horror for the MST3K crew to hurl jokes at, making this one a lot of fun.

    Gunslinger: This Roger Corman "classic" stars John Ireland and Beverly Garland. Garland is the strong-willed widow of the last sheriff and she is determined to clean up the town, while Ireland is the hired gun sent to kill her who ends up falling for her charms. The good cast make this a better than average Corman picture, and the western setting gives the MST3K crew a nice change of genre on which to launch their humor.

    Mr. B's Lost Shorts??!!: The shorts on this disc, previously available on VHS directly from Best Brains, are not to be missed! They are all winners, and the first one in the collection, Mr. B Natural, is legendary among MST3K fans as one of the funniest things ever done on the show. You simply have to see it to believe it and if you've seen it before then you know how much fun this one is to watch again and again. Other shorts include the hilarious, "X Marks The Spot", "Hired!-Part 1", "Design for Dreaming" , "Johnny At The Fair" and "Are You Ready for Marriage? ". These all amply demonstrate the terrific wit of the writers and performers of MST3K as well as anything they ever did. This is truly top-notch material. The only sad thing about having the shorts separated from the episodes in which they originally appeared is that one doesn't then get to see the hilarious host segments based on those same shorts, which followed them in the full episode. For example, Mr. B Natural was followed by a host segment in which the `Bots debate whether Mr. B is a man or a woman; it was an INCREDIBLY FUNNY and terrific follow-up to some of the best humor ever done on MST3K, making the experience even funnier. Nevertheless, don't let that stop you from enjoying this collection because you definitely will.

    I will be buying this 4-disc set as soon as it's available and highly recommend it. Movie Sign!

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    5Ok, so a gender-confused woman in leotards...
    By J. A. Hazelwood
    ...shows up in your bedroom and tries to coerce you into joining the school band, all the while claiming that musical instruments are her family and that she knew Adam and Eve and your father. What do you do?

    Well, you can be happy that this is happening to gawky middle schooler Buzz instead of you as you watch Mr. B Natural, a vomit-inducing school film turned into comedy gold by our heroes at MST3K.

    The 6th DVD box set breaks away from the Sci-Fi channel era and back to Comedy Central for three movies and a fourth collection of shorts. The shorts include X Marks the Spot, in which a slain motorist is brought before the God of New Jersey who probably won't let him into New Jersey heaven because of his many sinful moving violations, and the mythical Hired Pt. 1 which is just what Manos fans have needed to learn why Jimmy the Salesman doesn't think that sales are an important part of his job.

    It also features Teenagers from Outer Space, your usual 50's produced, teenagers-in-their-30's centered hokum about giant lobsters, a "tohcha" loving commander and a malicious alien empire "We are the supreme race. We have the supreme weapons. We have the supreme pizzas". Gunslinger (which was already released on VHS) is classic Corman about an old west feud betweeen two rough and tumble women with anachronistic access to eyebrow pencils. Finally, Attack of the Giant Leeches (or are they guys in black rain ponchos, no wait, they're definitely leeches) which features playful murderous bantering between a slovenly hillbilly and his nymphette wife, a main character who pretty much does nothing, and some semi-intelligent human livestock-raising leeches (as Joel hypothesizes: "They're smart enough to enjoy eating at Chili's, but not smart enough to realize it's a chain).

    Unforunately, there are no extras to speak of, but since it has long unseen episodes of the most original, inventive, and aggressively funny shows to ever hit the airwaves, it can all be forgiven. Fans have no reason not to pick this up and newcomers owe it to themselves to see the cult show that never should have just been cult. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got movie sign.

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    5We've Got Movie Sign!!!!!
    By David Girod
    I just spent all weekend watching MST3K volume 6 and I have a is this show not on tv anymore???!!! "Attack of the Giant Leeches", "Mr. B's Lost Shorts", "Gunslinger" and "Teenagers from Outer Space" are all great to see again, and it's fantastic that Rhino is putting out "new" episodes on dvd, that is, episodes like "Leeches" and "Teenagers from Outer Space" that have not been released on dvd previously. I like too that we are getting more stuff from the Comedy Central years as my tapes are now 10 years old and wearing out! I know some folks prefer Joel to Mike, and some prefer Mike over Joel....I don't have a preference...this show is just funny and well worth your time and money. If you aren't familiar with MST3K then this is as good a place to start as any. The only drawback to this box set is the lack of extras. I know on earlier releases Rhino often included the Un-Mstied version of movies, they have also included original trailers before, and on the last box set, Mike actually introduced the individual films. Volume 6 has nothing extra. Still, the box set is great, and hopefully Rhino will keep pumping these things out.

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