Nightmare on Elm Street, A (2010)(Blu-ray) By Wes Craven
Nightmare on Elm Street, A (2010)(Blu-ray)
 By Wes Craven
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Nightmare on Elm Street, A (2010) (Rpkg/BD)

Five teenage friends living on one street all dream of a sinister man with a disfigured face, a frightening voice and a gardener's glove with knives for fingers. But when one among them dies, they soon realize that what happens in their dreams happens for real and the only way to stay alive is to stay awake. Buried in their past is a debt that has just come due. To save themselves, they must plunge into the mind of the most twisted nightmare of all: Freddy Krueger. Jackie Earle Haley plays the legendary evildoer in this contemporary reimagining of the seminal horror classic.

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  • Released on: 2015-10-06
  • Rating: R (Restricted)
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Formats: Blu-ray, NTSC
  • Original language: English
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  • Dimensions: .50" h x 5.50" w x 6.75" l, .14 pounds
  • Running time: 95 minutes
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    By Rainy Day
    It will never compare to the original but I knew that going in. The first Nightmare on Elm Street kept me awake. I am an 80s kid so I got to see it in all of its originality and I'm so thankful for that. Of course for me no one will ever play Freddy as great as Robert Englund. As for this film it fell flat. I felt nothing for the characters who by the way look a lot older than teenagers. If a movie is going to be about teenagers the people should at least look the part.

    I don't understand some of the reviews I've read. The first Elm St of the 80s was dark and scary but it also had humor. I've read reviews saying this one is scarier. I imagine those reviews are from people younger than me. I have to wonder if those reviewers have even seen the original. Yes the movies became more humorous and campy as the series progressed but it still worked. The first is still the scariest.

    Wes Craven co-scripted the 2nd and 3rd movies but only wrote and directed two of the Elm Streets. The first and The New Nightmare. I'm not a big fan of New Nightmare but even it was scarier than this. This movie wasn't totally bad but it wasn't great either. Also the last scene was so cheesy and unrealistic. You could practically see the CGI. Wes Craven definitely did so much more with so much less technology wise. The scene with Tina in the bedroom in the first Elm Street is one of the best in the series. This movie didn't come close to it.

    Seeing all these remakes just solidifies the fact that the 80s had the best horror films. I'm so glad I got to actually grow up watching these films during that era. These days Hollywood has gotten so lazy with horror films. There are a few good ones but most horror films now are either found footage or bad remakes that lack any creativity or heart and are made just to make money off of nostalgia. I will admit two remakes I did enjoy were Fright Night and The Last House on the Left which was originally Craven's and a remake he did himself. As for the others, come on Hollywood, where is your creativity? Surely you can do better than this.

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    4Good as a Stand Alone Movie not in relation to the Original Series!
    By AlyssaMT
    This movie was suppose to re-vamp the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise when this first came out. I went to see this in theaters because I loved the originals with Robert playing Freddy and wanted to give this movie a chance. The movie twists the original movies plot that Freddy was a child killer and that's why the parents killed him and then he comes back for revenge on them. In this movie, Freddy is a child molester who the parents find out and then kill him and that's why he comes back to Elm. I don't mind the story line, the issues are with the prosecution.

    They had some nice moments where the special effects come in and make the dreams feel like dream/crossovers. There's a scene where the people can't tell if they are awake or sleeping and slip in between the too worlds. That scene is probably the best in the movie and makes me want to rewatch it for that scene alone.

    That being said, I feel the reason this movie failed was a mix of how the story was being told,writing,and the fact we all don't want to let go of Robert Englund. He's OUR Freddy. He played him perfectly and he was what Freddy was he did everything acting wise that made him feel real. The remake here was like a bad sequel. Which, I do feel bad for Jackie Earle Haley. He did the best he could with what he had. He's a good actor but this movie wouldn't have been good unless it was completely reworked and I don't think it will be done properly.

    The one issue people had was the burns. His face was so different and odd compared to the original Freddy face burns. It was just odd.

    All in all, Do I recommend this? If you like horror and you love Freddy watch it, it's not the worst horror remake. It's just not the same. If you can separate the original series to this one standalone movie it's pretty enjoyable!

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    3Making of Nightmare On Elm Street 4
    By Steve Mohr
    The title is misleading the dvd focuses mainly on the effects behind A Nightmare On Elm Street 4. The first about 10min covers the prior 3 films with the rest of the time devoted on Nightmare 4 which at the time was the newest nightmare film. I say at the time because this dvd is a carbon copy of a VHS, complete with lack of menus AND a skip feature. The dvd plays continuously if you don't hit stop at the end of the documentary. I gave this 3 stars because the title is misleading and the fact the dvd is really cheaply made. If it wasn't for the fact that this film goes really in depth with it's coverage on Nightmare 4, this dvd would be a complete waste. As it stands though Nightmare 4 had some of the overall best effects of the series and it is interesting to see how they pulled off some of the effects, especially with a low budget. If your a fan of Nightmare 4 then pick up this dvd as it has footage not covered in any of the nightmare documentaries I've seen (and I've seen ALOT.)

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