The White Belt Bible: Judo, Aikido, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Directed by Roy Dean, Rick Ellis
The White Belt Bible: Judo, Aikido, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
 Directed by Roy Dean, Rick Ellis
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The white belt is more than just a rank, it's a mindset.  In Roy Dean's latest DVD, he explores techniques from three of the most successful schools of jiu jitsu in the modern era: Kodokan Judo, Aikikai Aikido, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Theory and technique are balanced with montages of live application, rank demonstrations, and lessons from masters of the gentle art. Designed to inspire, entertain, and open the minds of beginners to the world of jujutsu, "The White Belt Bible'' lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning. Disc 1: Tying Your Belt Kodokan Judo Jujutsu Examples Aikikai Aikido Seibukan Nidan Brazilian Jiu Jitsu White to Black Disc 2: Creswell Blue Brodeur Purple Wright Martell Brown Dean 2nd Degree Black Lessons from a Champion Jiu Jitsu in London DVD Trailers
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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #112468 in DVD
  • Brand: Roy Dean
  • Released on: 2011-04-12
  • Number of discs: 2
  • Format: NTSC
  • Original language: English
  • Number of discs: 2
  • Dimensions: .69 pounds
  • Running time: 148 minutes
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    5... and knowledge wrapped up and delivered in palatable and easily understood terms
    By kenneth c dunbar
    What you expect from Sensei Dean is philosophy and knowledge wrapped up and delivered in palatable and easily understood terms. This is perfect for any white belt. That said I would recommend this more for the senior belt who is trying to expand on their own knowledge and work on their own teaching methodologies for white belts. The different viewpoints towards the different 'Jigoro Kano' inspired arts is a boon. Looking at the fundamental philosophical differences between the arts and 'absorbing' what is beneficial is what every grappler, and martial artist, should strive for.

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    5Five Stars
    By Cody Savala
    Outstanding DVD series, buy them all.

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    5Invaluable Martial Arts Resource
    By T. J. Brodeur
    It is unfortunate that the previous reviewer thought he was getting an instructional of the basic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) techniques. Perhaps he should have read the product description (which clearly indicates that White Belt Bible is NOT such an instructional) prior to purchasing. Despite the statement of never buying one of Roy Dean's products again, I would highly recommend Blue Belt Requirements for his stated interest; it is truly one of the best basic instructional out there.

    For those interested in White Belt Bible for what it actually is, let me say that this is probably one of the most unique and valuable resources available in the grappling arts and I highly recommend it for all martial artists, novice and expert alike. Roy Dean's martial arts credentials (black belts in BJJ, Aikido, and Japanese Jujutsu), keen philosophical insight, and truly exceptional artistic vision make him one of the few people on the planet capable of creating a product like this.

    For the new student, especially the new BJJ student, this disc offers an invaluable perspective to the journey they are starting on. Very few modern BJJ students really understand the place of this art in the jiu jitsu lineage. White Belt Bible provides a concise and highly watchable overview of jiu jitsu in its various forms, with plenty of useful techniques shown as examples. As they embark on their training, this perspective will allow the new student to understand the techniques they are learning in context and will likely make it easier for them to understand connections to related techniques (a critical component to developing their own "game"). Additionally, there are plenty of valuable "basics" such as tying the belt, which one rarely finds in BJJ instructional.

    For the experienced jiu jitsu practitioner (regardless of discipline), you will find the same valuable perspective, but will also recognize how deep this material actually is. Each time I have watched this disc, I have gleaned some new and valuable detail from the demonstrated material. More than that though, it is a way to constantly refresh "beginners mind", something that is crucial in progression of any skill. As our belts get darker, we tend to find it harder to think like a white belt, but this mind-set is often exactly what we need.

    Lastly, White Belt Bible is visually stunning and has a flow and rhythm that make it a pleasure to watch. This is possibly the only martial arts instructional I have ever watched in one sitting, in contrast to others out there that, while full of extremely valuable information, are almost painful to watch and require tremendous discipline to get through. White Belt Bible has a quality which will allow multiple viewings, which as I stated before, is where the real value of this product starts to show.

    Again, if you are looking for a basic instructional, please skip this product and take a look at Blue Belt Requirements instead. If you are a true student of the art, in fact any martial art, I highly recommend adding White Belt Bible to your collection and make a point to watch it regularly.

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