The World Within: C.G. Jung In His Own Words Directed by Suzanne Wagner
The World Within: C.G. Jung In His Own Words
 Directed by Suzanne Wagner
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(... the images of the unconscious place a great responsibility upon a man. Failure to understand them or a shrinking of ethical responsibility deprives him of his wholeness and imposes a painful fragmentariness on his life.) In The World Within, this idea is explored as we are given a glimpse inside Jung s Red Book, the diary in which he described his dreams and fantasies. In addition, he recorded these unconscious images with colorful paintings which appear throughout the film, along with his reflections upon their possible meaning. These are the creations, as Jung comments, which have carried me out of time into seclusion, out of the present into timelessness. Also included in The World Within is rarely seen footage of Jung himself interviewed in Switzerland. He talks at length about his work on dreams, memory, archetypal figures and the importance of ritual and fantasy.


Remembering Jung: Interview excerpts with Jung s associates
- Sir Laurens van der Post offers a candid description of Jung s discovery of the need to heal the rejected feminine aspect in men and women and how this contributes to the positive evolution of modern culture. (20 min.)
- Gerhard Adler (30 min.)
- Liliane Frey-Rohn (27 min.)
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    5The world of the psyche
    By Tim Lukeman
    For anyone interested in the work of Carl Jung, this short film is a treasure. In both vivid imagery & Jung's own words, spoken to various interviewers in the 1950s, we get a good overview of Jung not only as psychologist, but as philosopher as well. What comes through is the incredible depth & richness of the human psyche, and just how little we truly know of our own inner selves. We'd like to think that the conscious, self-aware ego is firmly in control ... but that's seldom the case, as we've all found out to our sorrow at one point or another. Jung makes us see that becoming a whole human being isn't a matter of social conformity, of knocking off the rough edges so we'll fit smoothly into a pre-cut pigeonhole, but of being true to ourselves. But first we've got to discover what that true self really is -- and that's where the hard work comes in!

    In addition to this film, supplementary films are included, each one dealing with a specific aspect of Jung's work. These illuminate Jung's concepts in new & often quite personal ways, so that we get an idea of Jung the man as well as Jung the historic figure. Further, we learn how exploring the psyche is as much about understanding the outside world as the inner one, and how each affects the other in ways we seldom realize.

    Especially interesting to me were glimpses of Jung's fabled Red Book. What struck was how much his paintings of trees resembled those illustrations of trees drawn by Tolkien for his Ring series -- both share a similarity of form & organic flow. Fascinating to see two great masters of myth arriving at a similar vision!

    For those desiring a view of both the world & themselves that goes far beyond the superficial, most highly recommended!

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    5Extraordinary footage of Carl Jung as well as great images.
    By dlangler
    I just watched this dvd: "The World within: CG Jung in his own words' again. Each time I watch it I receive other thoughts of Carl Jung who is not easy to read but love his thoughts and process. He is a enlightened 'aware' person trying to express it honestly and openly. Not to be missed. If cannot afford it, please recommend your library get aa copy to loan. A multi layered 'art' piece itself. And you get to see Jung's paintings and images which are MAGNIFICENT! loved.

    37 of 39 people found the following review helpful.
    4Presence of Jung
    By Philip
    This is a fairly well composed artistic montage of images and words (speaking and writing) set to the same music as "Matter of Heart." Therefore, while it does stand on its own as a presentation of Jung and the ideas of his psychology, I regard it as a companion to that other work that focuses on the man himself. In this work there are a lot more clips of Jung speaking from the 1957 interview on various subjects such as childhood, fantasy, myth, archetypes, persona, the mandala, and so on. It concludes with a wonderful display of his "confession of faith in stone" at Bollingen and a translation of the inscription on the square (or cube-like) piece that had been mistakenly delivered for the cornerstone of his tower garden wall. It is a beautiful poem that sums up Jung's life and philosophy.

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