The 1900 House: An Extraordinary Living Experiment [VHS]
The 1900 House:  An Extraordinary Living Experiment [VHS]
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Viewers time-travel vicariously in this four-part "docu-soap" that transplants a modern family from 1999 to 1900. The series clearly evinces the radical changes in domestic life wrought by the scientific and technological innovations of the last 100 years. The Bowler family are taken back in time to the spring of 1900 in Greenwich, a suburb of London, England. For 3 months, they live as a family in 1900 would have lived.
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  • Released on: 2000-06-30
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  • Format: NTSC
  • Original language: English
  • Number of tapes: 2
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    5Love this family!
    By J. Demers
    If you are interested in history and sociology, how people really lived, you'll like this show. The producers made a smart choice in finding a warm, funny, tight-knit family that can work together and laugh together in all sorts of different circumstances. It's fun to imagine how you would have felt, trying to live the 1900 lifestyle.

    Some of the things I got a kick out of is explanations of the complicated women's clothing (dresses, corsets, garters, etc.), trying to find entertaining things to do, trying to cook with the range, coping with hiring and having a maid, trying to get away with breaking the rules, and how long it took to do washing! It took days!

    It's too bad they didn't try this with a few families, so that the family had other people to interact with. There's a lot of boredom felt by the oldest daughter and the mother, which is partly due to the time period and their restricted lifestyle, but probably also due to the fact that they had no one else to interact with. (Though the viewer doesn't feel bored watching this--it makes you ponder how you would have dealt with these problems.)

    In the end, a really interesting piece following the lives of a caring and funny family trying to make the 1900 experience work.

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    4ne of their better period projects
    By SIR
    I like many of these sociological reenactments of time periods (Frontier House being my favorite). I found this to be rather good as it really highlighted How suffocatinglly tedious the pampered life of an upper class women was as opposed to the freedom, active involvement in the world and preferential treatment that was afforded to upper class men. The serving class work long and hard yet it was considered a good life by many when considering the alternative. Particularly for women who had little opportunity in the workforce. If you like these programs this was pretty well done as those involved mainly kept to the rules (though there was a problem with some of the downstairs staff sticking to the period rules).

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    5Experiencing victorian life as a family
    By VickyNC
    There have been so many changes in the world in the last 112 years so a series attempting to have a modern family really experience what it was like living as a typical middle-class family in England in 1900 was extremely interesting. Things we take for granted today did not exist in 1900 and it is no wonder that the family experienced culture shock in the three-month social experiment.

    The 1900 House along with Frontier House are my favorites in the genre of having modern people live as people did in past generations. Life was hard, confining and held dangers that no long exist due to improvements in sanitation, diet, safety regulations and improved knowledge. Modern conveniences enable people, especially women, pursue other interests and activities outside cooking and cleaning.

    I certainly don't believe that living in the 1900s takes one back to a simpler time; there is a reason our life expectancies are much better today and people are healthier and happier.

    If you missed this British Channel 4 production when it was shown on PBS, I recommend you try to locate either a VHS or DVD of the series. The producers and experts did a wonderful job attempting to make the experience as realistic as possible for the family.

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