Sky King: 4-Episode Collection Directed by Various
Sky King: 4-Episode Collection
 Directed by Various
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Wild Man: A mysterious mountain hermit is suspected of stealing the logging company's payroll. Penny befriends the giant "wild man," and with her Uncle Sky's help, sets out to prove the hermit's innocence before an angry lynch mob finds him!
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  • Published on: 2007-03-29
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  • Running time: 112 minutes
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    5Four Episodes from different seasons
    By ScorpioSeven
    This is a good way to "introduce" someone to this series about "a cowboy with wings," who may never have seen this Saturday morning show when it was on TV in the 1950s and 60s.

    A bachelor rancher in the fictional western town of Grover, Arizona rides a Cessna 310-B, instead of a horse. He lives with his niece, Penny, who is also a skilled pilot and he's deputized to assist the county sheriff (Mitch Hargrove, played by Ewing Mitchell), which he does on numerous occasions. His fictional ranch is probably as large as "The Ponderosa," and requires an airplane, just to view all of it and "mark" certain areas (from the air) with bags of lime dust (for fence line placement, as one example).

    Each episode features a new problem that requires his taking to the air, to combat "the bad guys."

    It was fun for kids back then (the show inspired many youngsters to pursue aviation as a hobby or career), and is good for adults who are into nostaligia.

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    5Can't get enough of Penny, Sky King's niece ? Cheer up, there's more!
    By Ron Wise
    One of my all-time favorite shows growing up in the 1950's and the early 1960's was "Sky King." It didn't seem like Saturday without following the adventures of Kirby Grant as Arizona rancher Schuyler "Sky" King in his twin-engine Cessna 310-B, the coolest airplane on television.

    "Sky King" could have become a forgotten television Western among the multitude of Westerns had it not been for the talents of one amazing actor named Gloria Winters. She starred as Sky's petite, spunky, blonde niece Penny King. Gloria appeared in all 72 episodes of "Sky King" from 1952-1959, and played a major role in the show becoming the cult favorite that it is today.

    Unfortunately, there are only four episodes of "Sky King" that are in the public domain, and all of those episodes can be found in this nicely-designed Alpha Video collection. These same four episodes can also be found in other DVD budget sets, but this Alpha collection is one of the best.

    The four public domain episodes all feature Penny in key roles in each story. They are:

    1. "Sky Robbers:" After a robbery, Penny spots a man throwing a heavy sack into a plane just minutes before it takes off in an air race;

    2. "A Dog Named Barney:" Penny and her Uncle Sky help young Johnny find his seeing-eye dog after it mysteriously disappears;

    3. "Bullet Bait:" Penny and Sky host a wedding at their Flying Crown Ranch, but the groom fails to show up for the wedding;

    4. "Wild Man:" Penny befriends a notorious bearded loner who lives in a remote forest area, and who often interferes with loggers who try to cut down trees.

    And if you are interested in seeing Gloria Winters in some of her other TV roles during the Golden Age of Television, she can be found in a number of other affordable DVD collections from Amazon. Here's just a few:

    1. "The Life of Riley:" Eighteen-year-old Gloria Winters played daughter Babs Riley in this 1949-1950 TV sitcom. She appeared in 17 of the 26 episodes that starred Jackie Gleason as TV's first Chester A. Riley, a long-suffering blue-collar worker. Available on DVD from TGG Direct;

    2. "The Gene Autry Show:" Gloria appeared in a 1951 second season episode entitled "Warning! Danger!" She plays Sue Miller, the younger sister of Dickie Jones (who later played Buffalo Bill, Jr.). Dickie is on the run from a gang of outlaws. Available in the DVD set "The Gene Autry Show, Complete Season Two" by Timeless Media Group;

    3. "The Roy Rogers Show:" Gloria plays Laraine Dunlap in this 1952 episode entitled "The Hermit's Secret." She is the daughter of an old rancher trying to hide his dark past. Available in the DVD collection "Western TV Treasures (150 Television Classics)" by Mill Creek Entertainment;

    4. "Stories of the Century:" Gloria is excellent in the lead role of the real-life female outlaw Jennie Stevens McCall known as "Little Britches" because she dressed in men's clothes. This episode from 1954 is available in "Western TV Classics (150 Episodes)" by Mill Creek, also in a "Stories of the Century" collection by St. Clair Video, and other sources;

    5. "Richard Diamond, Private Detective:" Gloria plays Jane Thomas, a showgirl who helps Diamond locate his old army buddy who has turned killer. This 1957 episode entitled "Merry-Go-Round Case" is available in "Best of TV Detectives (150 Episodes)" by Mill Creek;

    6. "Frontier Doctor:" Gloria is a waitress in an oil town cafe who crosses paths with series star Rex Allen when he discovers that his old college friend has died mysteriously. This 1959 episode entitled "Flaming Gold" is available in "Western TV Classics (150 Episodes)" by Mill Creek.

    Gloria Winters left us in 2010, but she lives on in her film work and will continue to entertain her many fans for generations to come.

    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
    5Thanks for the memories
    By Edie Diaz
    When I was a child I would watch Sky King on the Saturday morning line up. Yes, I even watched it over cartoons. Watching Sky fly the Cessna 310B on TV was what inspired me to get my pilot license as soon as I was old enough (which was 16). These are good, clean and entertaining episodes. There is much more humanitarianism as compared to the stuff they are putting on TV today for kids. The good guy wins. Values mean something. Cheaters are not winners. Thanks for taking me back to the days when you could leave your doors unlocked.

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