Attila Directed by Dick Lowry
 Directed by Dick Lowry
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Two worlds collide, along with the two men who embody the values and essence of these worlds. Attila, King of the Huns (Gerard Butler), is a visionary who sees more in his people than they see in themselves. While the Huns are content to plunder and extort the surrounding nations, Attila looks beyond to the possibility of an empire and new world order. Roman General Flavius Aetius (Powers Boothe) embodies the best and the worst of Rome in the final years of her existence. He is motivated by one overriding goal: Rome must continue to rule the world. Two different visions of destiny, held by the two strongest men of the century… these conflicts are at the heart of Attila the Hun.
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  • Published on: 2002-11-05
  • Released on: 2002-11-04
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  • Running time: 177 minutes
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    8 of 8 people found the following review helpful.
    By Mac Henry
    It was kinda' weird having an Asian Hun speaking with a Scottish accent. That being said, Gerard Butler is beyond excellent as the haunted Hun Warrior Atilla. He plays this role with such authentic feeling that I frequently found myself so absorbed in this movie experience that I felt I was watching a documentary of a living, breathing man and warrior. Butler seems to have an uncanny ability to just walk into a role and really BE the character he portrays. He doesn't seem to be acting at all. When his ability to BE a character is draped in furs and costumes and makeup, the overall effect can be quite powerful. That surely is true here!

    I have long been a fan of Powers Booth and his performance here doesn't disappoint. He effectively portrays a very unlikeable, dispicable, manipulative anti-hero. At one point in the movie, he even shares his some of his self-serving advice with Atilla. He plays a very sneaky, conniving "snake in the grass" bad man, and he does it so well. I really love him as an actor, but he was so good at being bad in this movie, I found myself wanting to throttle him!

    It is uncommon, I believe, for women to like war movies, but I loved all the battle scenes. The battle between Atilla and his older brother for the right to rule the Huns is a real standout and is very intense and exciting -- no matter how many times I watch it! How they managed to ride horseback in circles while shooting at each other with bows and arrows is astounding and so beautiful that it almost felt poetic. Their final struggle with knives gives the whole scene a heroic feel. Even though I knew Atilla would ultimately win the battle, there were moments where I was holding my breath.

    The costumes in this movie are works of art. I especially loved the costume Gerard Butler as Atilla wore for his entrance into Rome. Butler's shoulders are draped with the fur of what appeared to be a wolf -- paws, head and all. This costume adds to the mystique of Atilla's persona as a skilled hunter and Hun conqueror and highlights how much thought and creative energy went into the making of all the costumes. The wedding costumes were lavish and beautiful.

    This is a great movie with terrific actors, gorgeous costumes and lavish sets. The more I watch it, the more I love it. Buy this movie and see for yourself what a visual stunner it is..

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    5The man who almost ruled the world
    By B. McKee
    Wow! This movie was nothing short of terrific! Gerard Butler was amazing in the role of Attila. My very favorite actor, Powers Boothe, played a Roman general as if he was born to the role. I have no idea if the movie was historically correct, but the cinematography was magnificent. Lots of battles and action, piles of the dead and conniving women, Roman opulence and desert simplicity. This one goes on the keeper shelf.

    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
    4As pure entertainment it works well
    By Lena
    It's widely inaccurate historically - so be warned. They could have done much better job in that regard. Battle scenes are a weak spot. But it was interesting to find out they used real soldiers in some scenes. I enjoyed the cinematography. Gerard Butler improves movies dramatically, as he did with this one. Not only is he a great actor, but he's insanely good-looking in this one (if only real Attila were so lucky). Other actors are good, as well.

    Feast your eyes and enjoy *a* story. If you're interested in history and real Attila, read up on him. That's often a plus of movies that attempt to portray real people and history - people trying to learn what really happened.

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