The 11th Hour Directed by Nadia Conners, Leila Conners Petersen
The 11th Hour
 Directed by Nadia Conners, Leila Conners Petersen
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11th Hour (DVD) (WS)

Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio presents more than 50 of theleading scientists, thinkers and leaders of our time -- from all overthe earth -- to discuss the state of the world, of humanity and what weall can do to make a difference in The 11th Hour. Climate change and thecollapse of life-sustaining ecosystems are the challenges of our time.As part of a years-long global movement, Leonardo DiCaprio brings afilm, a website and a world-wide effort to bring the peoples of theplanet together and change the course of humanity.

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    4What will it mean when problems converge in the wrong kind of "positive feedback" loop
    By Chad M
    This video is important because it shows how the biosphere is under multiple threats. Therefore, only a broad based response will work. It would be a problem if only global heating is occurring and excess coal is being burned, but when you combine that with continental scale tropical deforestation, then the natural brakes on carbon are impaired. The same can be said of the ocean. Fisheries can be part of the carbon cycle and provide long-term food supplies (see "End of the Line" film) but this is now at dire risk too (see "Harvesting the Biosphere" by Prof. Vaclav Smil). The multitude of problems at first is saddening, but ultimately a call for strong action. I would just like more bold solutions, not 10 or 20% changes in energy of food supplies. Population is another challenge and either we share the planet with other life or we'll find most people fighting over scraps in a "Mad Max" world.

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    4Great documentary...but, a little too soft!
    By Joseph Boultenhouse
    Well done documentary but, apparently did not have much of an impact. Since its release we have had the BP disaster in the Gulf Coast, and a tremendous increase in fracking of oil and gas wells across the country contributing to the pollution of much of our ground water supply(and yes, earthquakes). Let's not forget the ongoing mountaintop removal operations in Appalacia. They wont stop till they've extracted every ounce of coal they can get out of that poor region of the country. Oh yea... There is that chemical spill last week that poisoned the water supply of 300,000 people in 9 counties of West -by-God Virginia. This also relatating to the coal extraction industry. It seems that every week I hear of another railroad tank car exploding while hauling oil from the Alberta Tar Sands across our country. Look for one coming through a town near you! That brings us to that infamous monster bearing down on us known as The Keystone Pipeline. Sorry, but I have every reason to believe that it will be approved. This film was done seven years ago and a lot has happened since then.....none of it good! This is but a short list of the environmental disasters that plague our planet. Dicaprio needs to do an updated film. Perhaps one that is a little more KICK A_ _!. Thanks for listening. Fukushima fish fry anyone?

    Seismick from MA

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    5Humanity Must Work Together To Heal Our Planet
    By Rosetune
    The 11th Hour is one of the most important and informative documentaries of our day. Humanity must take the threat of our global environmental crises seriously. The clock is ticking. One of the points that this program states is that we must raise our level of consciousness about the inter-connectivity of all life on our planet since all life as we know it is in the balance. We can't count on governments or politicians. We need every person on earth to understand the issues and to care about them. We all have to do what we can to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. There are many things we can do as individual's. We can all use stainless steel water bottles. We can recycle, reuse and reduce our waste. We can eat less or no meat. We can compost. And those are just a few of many things we, as individuals, can do.

    I wish every school and university globally would show this documentary. Humans are very clever creatures and if we want to work towards healing the planet, we have the technology and resources in order to make positive and significant changes for a better future. The first step for change is in knowing what the problems are. Humanity must awaken. The time is now.

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